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  •  (photo: Lutron Electronics)
    News Editor  - 29.04.2020, 16:50

    Learn about Lighting from Home

    Lutron Electronics has launched 300 interactive online training courses and videos for facility managers and electrical professionals interested in lighting control, shades and fixtures across a range of applications.

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    News Editor  - 29.04.2020, 15:26

    Online Mental Health First Aid Courses (20 May & 27 May, 2020)

    FM Industry event partner Green Light is offering an online interactive mental health awareness course developed by Mental Health First Aid England for organisations and individuals on two dates in May.

  •  (photo: Luke Chesser)
    Cathy Spears  - 20.04.2020, 20:38

    Retaining Staff in 2020

    Staff retention is often a big challenges for talent managers but can be overcome by considering and listening to the career needs of employees.

  •  (photo: Pentagon Designs)
    FM Editor  - 31.03.2020, 14:40

    Training UK Radiographers

    Mersive's Solstice in-room wireless collaboration platform is facilitating training at NHS facility, the National Imaging Academy Wales.

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    FM Editor  - 17.03.2020, 12:35

    Mitigating Coronavirus Disruption with E-learning

    The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has announced plans to focus on E-learning as the delivery method for its CPD and Accredited Training for the global lifting sector during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  •  (photo: Luis Quintero)
    Cathy Spears  - 16.03.2020, 18:08

    Is the MBA Still the Holy Grail of Business Degrees?

    The MBA degree has long been regarded as an essential qualification for managers who want to lead the biggest and best businesses. But is this still the case?

  •  (photo: Huy Phan)
    Cathy Spears  - 12.03.2020, 00:18

    Supporting the Next Generation of Facilities Managers After Retirement

    If hanging up your boots is the last thing on your mind after a successful career in facilities management, there are several ways you can put your hard-earned skills to good use, and still enjoy everything you've dreamt of in retirement.

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    Cathy Spears  - 18.02.2020, 16:18

    The Remit of Facilities Management

    With facilities management firms across the UK often finding it difficult to define their responsibilities precisely, Cathy Spears considers the services offered within a typical portfolio.

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    Cathy Spears  - 13.02.2020, 09:58

    Learning with Protolabs’ Insight Video Series

    If you are in an industry that uses digital manufacturing, 3D printing or CNC machining, it is always good to know what is at the forefront of technology, as well as the latest techniques that are available to you.

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    FM Editor  - 07.02.2020, 15:13

    Encouraging Apprenticeships

    Compass Group has teamed up with Highbury College, Portsmouth to re-launch its Junior Chef Academy, an after-school course for aspiring chefs aged 14 to 16 years.