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  •  (photo: Diversey Group)
    Donna Mitchell  - 24.06.2021, 15:21

    Perceptions of Clean in Healthcare

    Donna Mitchell, Sector Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Diversey, UK & Ireland, explains why the perception of cleanliness can be as important a consideration for hospital patients and their visitors as the quality of medical care.

  •  (photo: EMCOR UK)
    News Editor  - 22.06.2021, 08:28

    RoSPA FM Sector Award

    EMCOR UK has been presented with a fifth consecutive RoSPA Facilities Management sector award in recognition of health and safety practices at sites it manages for the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).

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    News Editor  - 14.06.2021, 09:27

    National Hard Hat Awareness Week

    During Hard Hat Awareness Week in the United Kingdom (14 to 20 June), Headway – the brain injury association, and safety manufacturer Centurion, are promoting the importance of recognising signs of concussion to hard hat wearers.

  •  (photo: Robin McPherson)
    Iain Cox  - 20.05.2021, 14:19

    What's Missing from School Fire Protection?

    Iain Cox, Chair of the Business Sprinkler Alliance, explains why many schools in the United Kingdom are falling short on fire safety.

  •  (photo: Marcelo Moreira)
    Tom Roche  - 13.05.2021, 14:59

    Two Unsprinklered Factory Fires, Same Outcome

    Tom Roche, Secretary of the Business Sprinkler Alliance, explains why operators of industrial facilities in the United Kingdom need to look well beyond the Fire Safety Order to protect people and property.

  •  (photo: ThisIsEngineering)
    News Editor  - 06.05.2021, 17:33

    Unlocking Women's Potential to Lead Safely

    In a bid to support what they consider to be an underrepresented group in Health & Safety, RoSPA and L’Oréal have partnered for the launch of a dedicated Leading Safely for Women training programme.

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    News Editor  - 06.05.2021, 13:14

    Eliminating Indoor Airborne Pathogens

    A new filterless air purification system from Genano Oy eliminates bacteria and viruses carried by indoor air.

  •  (photo: BBI Solutions)
    News Editor  - 05.05.2021, 22:38

    Facilitating Rapid Responses to Legionella

    BBI Solutions is claiming several world firsts with its new mobile Legionella test.

  •  (photo: Mobile Mini)
    News Editor  - 15.04.2021, 14:33

    Providing the Safest Imaginable Workplace

    Global portable storage company Mobile Mini has installed defibrillators across all sixteen of its sites in the United Kingdom.

  •  (photo: Kindel Media)
    News Editor  - 14.04.2021, 21:32

    Wearable Technology Reduces Back Strain

    Scaffolding supplier HAKI Denmark is pioneering smart harnesses to reduce injuries to the back suffered by employees of its two divisions.