Health, Safety, Security & Environment

  •  (photo: Mobile Mini)
    News Editor  - 15.04.2021, 14:33

    Providing the Safest Imaginable Workplace

    Global portable storage company Mobile Mini has installed defibrillators across all sixteen of its sites in the United Kingdom.

  •  (photo: Kindel Media)
    News Editor  - 14.04.2021, 21:32

    Wearable Technology Reduces Back Strain

    Scaffolding supplier HAKI Denmark is pioneering smart harnesses to reduce injuries to the back suffered by employees of its two divisions.

  •  (photo: )
    Karen Trigg  - 12.04.2021, 15:38

    Decrypting UK Sheltered Housing Fire Standards

    With new fire safety legislations demanding a renewed focus on safety in all residential settings, Karen Trigg of Allegion UK explains why care home and sheltered housing associations must prioritise fire door maintenance.

  •  (photo: EMCOR UK)
    News Editor  - 30.03.2021, 10:24

    International Safety Awards

    EMCOR UK has been presented with two International Safety Awards by the British Safety Council.

  •  (photo: Cadeau Maestro)
    News Editor  - 29.03.2021, 09:08

    Healthy Building System

    Infogrid has launched workplace environmental data aggregator Healthy Building System, together with findings from a OnePoll survey suggesting half of UK adults are unsure about returning to their workplace.

  •  (photo: Diversey, Inc)
    Donna Mitchell  - 26.03.2021, 11:32

    Infection Control in Care Homes

    Donna Mitchell, Sector Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Diversey, UK & Ireland, provides guidance to care home operators on keeping residents, families and staff safe inside communal areas as many countries begin to lift restrictions on visits.

  •  (photo: The Blowup)
    News Editor  - 23.03.2021, 16:50

    The UK’s Most Security-conscious Cities

    Data collected from MoneySuperMarket customers has revealed the UK’s most security-conscious cities, comparing the percentages of homes with and without burglar alarms in each region as the country experiences one burglary every 108 seconds in the UK despite reported decreases since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  •  (photo: ABM UK)
    News Editor  - 22.03.2021, 13:31

    A Top UK Accredited Security Provider

    ABM UK’s annual Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) security audit has placed the company within the top 5 per cent of accredited UK security services providers.

  • 77 Coleman Street (photo: Axis Group)
    News Editor  - 08.03.2021, 15:58

    BNP Paribas Real Estate Security Contract

    BNP Paribas Real Estate has selected Axis Group to provide front-of house and security services at 77 Coleman Street, a striking new building, in the City of London.

  •  (photo: Christina Morillo)
    News Editor  - 03.03.2021, 12:39

    OneWISH Virtual Congress on International Women's Day

    OneWISH, the coalition recently established to promote "Women and Inclusion in Safety and Health", will host an inaugural virtual conference on 9 March.