Transport & Logistics

  • Steve Murphy. (photo: )
    News Editor  - 20.11.2020, 11:54

    Appointment of UK Managing Director

    SWARCO AG and SKIDATA AG have appointed Steve Murphy as managing director of their UK parking solutions joint-venture, APT SKIDATA.

  •  (photo: Eurotank Service Group)
    News Editor  - 21.10.2020, 21:55

    Doubling Down on Fuel Management

    Europump Maintenance have announced upgrades to the Jigsaw Eclipse fuel management system for commercial fuelling operations.

  •  (photo: Bis Henderson Consulting)
    Louisa Hosegood  - 20.10.2020, 18:30

    Combining to Compete

    Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson Consulting, explains the competitive advantages collaborative relationships bring to supply chain logistics.

  •  (photo: Elevate)
    Steve Purvis  - 12.10.2020, 12:47

    A New Strategy for a New Reality

    Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, presents the arguments for intelligent inventories in post-Covid-19 supply chain logistics.

  •  (photo: )
    Leigh Anderson  - 11.09.2020, 14:00

    Supply Chain Careers Under the New Normal

    Leigh Anderson, managing director of Bis Henderson Recruitment, considers ways supply chain professionals can maximise their potential for job opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • SWARCO's new headquarters complex. (photo: )
    News Editor  - 09.09.2020, 14:03

    SWARCO Relocates UK Headquarters

    Urban and interurban traffic management solutions provider SWARCO Traffic has moved into new premises to accommodate a planned UK expansion.

  •  (photo: Elina Krima)
    Steve Purvis  - 04.09.2020, 00:45

    Flexible Spaces and the Supply Chain

    Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, explains why flexible spaces are an important supply chain consideration in times of uncertainty.

  •  (photo: )
    News Editor  - 10.08.2020, 12:16

    Delivering Vital Medical Supplies for NHS Scotland

    UK commercial relocation change management company Business Moves Group (BMG) has completed a project to deliver critical medical equipment and supplies to hospitals all over Scotland.

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    News Editor  - 22.05.2020, 13:23

    Supporting Lockdown Easing with Touchless Parking

    WPS has upgraded its touchless parking platform to mitigate potential risks associated with Covid-19 at barrier terminals and pay stations as business in the UK begin reopening and drivers take to the roads again.

  •  (photo: Negative Space)
    Staff Reporter  - 06.05.2020, 05:44

    Retail Supply Under the New Normal

    A white paper from Bis Henderson Consulting argues challenges to supply chains the retail sector was experiencing even prior to COVID-19 will be amplified and accelerated as the economy emerges from lockdown to a 'new normal'.