Interior Design

  •  (photo: Christina Morillo)
    Karen Lopez  - 25.10.2021, 15:10

    How Acoustic Lighting Can Improve a Modern Office Setting

    Karen Lopez explains how acoustic lighting can come to the aide of open plan office design by improving acoustics and privacy.

  •  (photo: Sigmund)
    Thomas Helliwell  - 03.08.2021, 10:00

    Ensuring Hybrid Working Really Works

    Thomas Helliwell, Regional Principal, Strategy at workplace creation consultancy Unispace, explains why new expectations of work are driving development of hybrid working models post-Covid-19.

  •  (photo: Quintain Living)
    News Editor  - 14.07.2021, 10:46

    Showcasing Wembley Park’s Creative Credentials

    As the world’s leading galleries and auction houses collaborate during London Art Week, Quintain Living is showcasing the artistic credentials of over 2,500 apartments which are being offered for rent in London's Wembley Park Development.

  •  (photo: JESHOOTS.COM)
    Cathy Spears  - 27.05.2021, 12:11

    Spruce Up your Office with the Help of Decorating Apps

    Refreshing office spaces can provide a welcome incentive for workers returning to the office following long periods at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  •  (photo: China International Furniture Fair (CIFF))
    News Editor  - 15.03.2021, 12:53

    A Preview of CIFF Guangzhou 2021 (18-21 March and 28-31 March)

    Guangzhou's Canton Fair Complex is preparing to welcome 4,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors on 18th March when the 47th edition of CIFF - the world's largest furniture event, and FM Industry partner, opens its doors.

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    News Editor  - 11.03.2021, 13:48

    Reimagining Wall Cabinet Design

    Grass America has launched Kinvaro T-Slim, an ingenious new lifter system for wooden flap doors that creates new opportunities for designers of overhead wall cabinets.

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    Maham Azam  - 27.08.2020, 15:39

    Choosing the Best Surface for Your Business

    In the era of COVID-19, budget and maintenance are arguably two of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a surface for your workplace.

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    News Editor  - 10.08.2020, 11:57

    Una Innovativa Soluzione per Grafiche Calpestabili Antiscivolo

    An eye-catching environmental graphics installation within the London offices of a global management consultancy and consultancy firm uses printable, optically clear film supplied by Lintec.

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    Cathy Spears  - 05.06.2020, 12:20

    Signs Your Office Needs a Makeover

    Your office’s design can have a direct impact on employee health, efficiency and morale.

  •  (photo: Crown Workplace)
    Caroline Zampier  - 04.05.2020, 18:37

    Why Moss is Trending in Office Design

    Caroline Zampier, Interior Designer at Crown Workspace, explains why Uber and other leading brands are adopting moss as their plant material of choice for living walls and interior office features.