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    News Editor  - 19.01.2021, 08:53

    Airbnb Distorting Rental Housing Market

    Short-term rentals on Airbnb and other online vacation rental marketplaces are causing rent increases in the longer term lettings market according to new research from the University of Cologne.

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    News Editor  - 13.07.2020, 17:11

    When Mixed-Use Facilities Make Sense

    Modelling by a postgraduate researcher from the International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund has identified factors that make mixed-use developments more attractive for developers than single-use projects in urban environments.

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    FM Editor  - 07.03.2019, 17:03

    Shaping Future Cities

    Global design, engineering and consulting business Arcadis has launched a three-month "City of 2030" accelerator at its new digital innovation hub in Amsterdam, in collaboration with U.S. seed capital provider, Techstars.

  • Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox, accepts BSGA Award for 'Illuminated Sign of the Year'. (photo: Signbox)
    Signbox Ltd  - 22.10.2015, 20:26

    Signbox Wins 'Illuminated Sign of the Year Award'

    Visual communications specialist Signbox has won the 'Illuminated Sign of the Year Award' at this year's BSGA Awards, which took place on Tuesday 13th October at the state of the art East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.

  • (Photograph: Danny Tubbs). (photo: Danny Tubbs)
    The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS)  - 02.10.2015, 11:47

    Urban Resilience in the Age of Hurricanes

    150 experts from the fields of advocacy, development, government and academia recently participated in a debate on the state of resilience planning in New York City as it was announced that (now-Category 4) Hurricane Joaquin had changed its trajectory for the East Coast of the United States.

  • Masdar City (Abu Dhabi, UAE): A good consciousness of tradition and historic forms.  (photo: )
    Professor Christian Baumgart ,  FM Magazine  - 21.03.2014, 03:10

    Dare or Dai

    In 2010 observations about the Burj Khalifa from the President of the 4,000 member Verband Deutscher Architekten- und Ingenieurvereine (DAI is the Federation of German Architectural and Engineering Associations and one of Europe’s most influential professional bodies), made international headlines. In an exclusive interview with FM Magazine, Professor Christian Baumgart reveals his comments were reported outside the context of his wider vision for the future development of the Gulf.