Health, Safety & Environment

  •  (photo: Mobile Mini)
    News Editor  - 15.04.2021, 14:33

    Providing the Safest Imaginable Workplace

    Global portable storage company Mobile Mini has installed defibrillators across all sixteen of its sites in the United Kingdom.

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    Karen Trigg  - 12.04.2021, 15:38

    Decrypting UK Sheltered Housing Fire Standards

    With new fire safety legislations demanding a renewed focus on safety in all residential settings, Karen Trigg of Allegion UK explains why care home and sheltered housing associations must prioritise fire door maintenance.

  •  (photo: EMCOR UK)
    News Editor  - 30.03.2021, 10:24

    International Safety Awards

    EMCOR UK has been presented with two International Safety Awards by the British Safety Council.

  •  (photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel)
    The SOCOTEC Group  - 17.03.2021, 16:18

    Monitoring Railway Lighting

    Ensuring the safety and security of employees and passengers is a key priority for every railway operator. The SOCOTEC Group explains why lighting has a crucial role to play.

  •  (photo: Pixabay)
    Del Williams  - 02.02.2021, 08:23

    Smart Moisture Measurement in Manufacturing Facilities

    As "smart" technologies migrate from consumer products to the world of manufacturing and processing, condition monitoring is increasingly being left to sensors, robots and the Industrial IoT.

  •  (photo: British Safety Council)
    News Editor  - 18.01.2021, 16:02

    Sword of Honour 2021 Award

    EMCOR UK has received the prestigious Sword of Honour from the British Safety Council.

  •  (photo: Mika Baumeister)
    Cathy Spears  - 18.01.2021, 10:25

    Tips For Risk Managers Assessing Automation Hazards

    Despite allowing manufacturers to replace people with robots in high risk and hazardous processes, automation can create new and often unforeseeable work risks which need to be managed.

  •  (photo: Bodet SA)
    News Editor  - 17.12.2020, 22:38

    Enhancing Home Worker Visibility

    Bodet have extended the coverage of the Kelio time and attendance software solution to staff working at home.

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    News Editor  - 14.10.2020, 15:28

    Delivering Clearer Messages with Audio Sounding

    Bodet has introduced a new generation of multi-functional audio sounders for its IP POE Harmonys emergency alert sounder and PA system.

  •  (photo: Bodet SA)
    News Editor  - 21.09.2020, 11:29

    Enhancing Time and Attendance Recording with Facial Recognition

    Bodet is incorporating novel biometric clocking-in user interface FaceStation 2 into its Kelio Visio X7 clocking terminal.