•  (photo: BaxterStorey)
    News Editor  - 31.08.2021, 13:29

    Promoting Employee Wellness and Engagement

    The new Hapi app from hospitality brand BaxterStorey is designed to promote wellbeing and increase engagement of its 6,000+ strong UK workforce.

  •  (photo: Sodexo S.A.)
    News Editor  - 15.06.2021, 06:46

    Connecting Critical Remote Workers During the Pandemic

    Sodexo's MyWay app is making life more connected for critical workers living and working on remote sites in the energy sector.

  •  (photo: JESHOOTS.COM)
    Cathy Spears  - 27.05.2021, 12:11

    Spruce Up your Office with the Help of Decorating Apps

    Refreshing office spaces can provide a welcome incentive for workers returning to the office following long periods at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  •  (photo: Claudio Schwarz)
    News Editor  - 30.03.2021, 18:59

    Security & Safety Things App Development Challenge (26 April Deadline)

    Security and Safety Things GmbH has launched its second App Challenge inviting developers of video analytic applications to create solutions for specific-use cases in retail, transportation, smart cities, healthcare, entertainment and the stadiums sector.

  •  (photo: )
    News Editor  - 13.11.2020, 14:12

    Taking a Safer Interactive Journey

    Global 3D wayfinding and digital signage solutions provider 22Miles has enhanced the Covid-safety of its interactive solutions with the addition of a touchless Secure Mobile Control (SMC) feature.

  •  (photo: Cottonbro)
    News Editor  - 10.11.2020, 11:03

    Delivering Physical Documents Safely

    A new 'smart locker' feature for Mitie's 'Pinpoint' mail tracking platform is facilitating contactless workplace delivery of mandatory physical documents within the financial and legal sectors during lockdown.

  • Pictured (L-R): Bimsense Chair, Nigel Hedley, with Maurice Disai (Mercia) and Bimsense executives Scott Pilgrim, Ian Yeo and Tim Mutlow. (photo: Shaun Flannery)
    News Editor  - 09.10.2020, 14:37

    BIM Maintenance "Gamechanger" Secures Seed Funding

    Two construction experts with a vision to revolutionise building maintenance by making Building Information Modelling more accessible, have raised £250,000 to bring their smart building solution to market.

  •  (photo: Compass Group)
    News Editor  - 30.09.2020, 10:26

    Digitising Safety Walks

    A new app is helping 2,500 Compass Group employees conduct 'safety walks' at food preparation sites in 25 countries.

  •  (photo: Pixabay)
    Cathy Spears  - 07.09.2020, 15:42

    What You Need to Know About Building a Business App

    Despite a marked increase in the number of new apps on Google Play and Apple's App Store, launching a native app requires considerable planning if it is to deliver your brand experience to potential customers.

  •  (photo: )
    News Editor  - 12.05.2020, 13:28

    Bellrock Deploys Employee Wellness App

    Bellrock is rolling out a new mobile app to track the health and wellbeing of its remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.