Supply Chain Management

  •  (photo: Schneider Electric)
    News Editor  - 26.04.2021, 14:40

    End-to-End Power Distribution Webinar Series

    A new series of live and on-demand webinars from Schneider Electric will focus on end-to-end power distribution.

  •  (photo: Bis Henderson Consulting)
    Matt Whittaker  - 23.04.2021, 18:45

    Where's the Flexibility in Warehousing?

    Matt Whittaker, commercial director at Bis Henderson Space, explains how a shortage of storage space might derail forecasts from UK economists of a dramatic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    News Editor  - 26.02.2021, 09:40

    Green Energy Coalition Announces New Members

    Airbus, Bureau Veritas and PSA International are the latest companies to join the Coalition for the Energy of the Future whose members are committed to accelerating the development of sustainable energy to support new mobility models.

  • Saba Khan. (photo: CHAS)
    News Editor  - 16.12.2020, 13:36

    Contractor Safety Scheme Announces Senior Appointment

    UK Safety Scheme In Procurement (SSIP) CHAS has appointed Saba Khan as Head of Risk.

  •  (photo: ELEVATE)
    Cathy Spears  - 30.11.2020, 12:40

    Enhancing Warehouse Productivity

    A rapid increase in home deliveries during Covid-19 lockdown is forcing many warehousing operations to re-assess their processes, capacity, and implement upgrades.

  •  (photo: Cottonbro)
    News Editor  - 10.11.2020, 11:03

    Delivering Physical Documents Safely

    A new 'smart locker' feature for Mitie's 'Pinpoint' mail tracking platform is facilitating contactless workplace delivery of mandatory physical documents within the financial and legal sectors during lockdown.

  •  (photo: Bis Henderson Consulting)
    Louisa Hosegood  - 20.10.2020, 18:30

    Combining to Compete

    Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson Consulting, explains the competitive advantages collaborative relationships bring to supply chain logistics.

  •  (photo: Elevate)
    Steve Purvis  - 12.10.2020, 12:47

    A New Strategy for a New Reality

    Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, presents the arguments for intelligent inventories in post-Covid-19 supply chain logistics.

  • CHAS business development manager, Sharron Parsons-Shepherd. (photo: CHAS Consultancy)
    News Editor  - 14.09.2020, 12:58

    Appointment of Business Development Manager

    UK supply chain risk management consultancy CHAS has appointed Sharron Parsons-Shepherd as business development manager.

  •  (photo: )
    Leigh Anderson  - 11.09.2020, 14:00

    Supply Chain Careers Under the New Normal

    Leigh Anderson, managing director of Bis Henderson Recruitment, considers ways supply chain professionals can maximise their potential for job opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic.