Data Security

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    David Smith  - 02.09.2021, 18:30

    Beware the Long Arm of PIPL

    David Smith, a Partner with The Lawyer "Top 100" firm JMW Solicitors, explains why China's recently introduced data protection legislation matters to the UK and European property sector. JMW Solicitors LLP - one of The Lawyer's "Top 100" Law Firm

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    Dan Harding  - 05.05.2021, 10:41

    Is GDPR a casualty of Covid-19?

    With a return to the workplace on the cards and hospitality opening back up, Dan Harding, CEO of Sign In App, discusses the need for businesses to tighten their security and champion GDPR whilst ensuring safety and wellbeing remain a priority.

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    Mark Harper  - 08.03.2021, 14:51

    Hybrid Working and Desk Data

    Mark Harper explains why businesses and their remote workers must remain vigilant when it comes to physical document security in homes.

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    Tomáš Vystavěl  - 24.11.2020, 12:53

    A Statement on Smart Doorbells from 2N

    Tomáš Vystavěl, Chief Product Officer for IP intercoms manufacturer 2N, responds to a BBC News report broadcast yesterday that consumer advice brand Which? is calling on the UK government to safeguard buyers of smart doorbells.

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    Mark Harper  - 12.08.2020, 12:42

    Combatting the Data Security Challenges of Remote Working

    Mark Harper explains the growing popularity of paper shredders with organisations whose staff are continuing to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Mark Harper  - 07.07.2020, 13:57

    Making Packaging More Sustainable

    Mark Harper, Head of Sales (UK & Ireland) for office technology company HSM, makes the case for perforating cardboard offcuts from packaging used for online deliveries.

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    FM Editor  - 17.03.2020, 17:18

    Bringing Symmetry to Smart Security

    G4S company, AMAG Technology's, Symmetry Business Intelligence solution is providing a risk-based approach to analyzing physical access data sets.

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    FM Editor  - 10.12.2019, 13:42

    Destructive Workplace Paper Waste

    Mark Harper of HSM UK provides insight into how and why businesses need to introduce and maintain the correct processes when disposing of paper waste, to ensure they don't get into hot water.

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    Mark Harper  - 14.10.2019, 17:38

    Avoiding GDPR Fatigue

    David Coleman, operations director at HSM UK, asks whether 'GDPR fatigue' is behind recent research finding that a third of businesses in the European Union are still non-compliant with the directive.

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    Mark Harper  - 19.07.2019, 13:47

    Don't Forget Paper Documents

    Mark Harper of HSM says media focus on cyber-attacks and digital data breaches is detracting from the need for organisations to enhance physical information security.