(photo: Alleksana)
Kas Mohammed  - 24.06.2021

Why the UK Needs a Retrofit Revolution

Kas Mohammed, VP of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, comments on the annual report of independent statutory body, The Climate Change Committee (CCC), to the United Kingdom...

 (photo: Diversey Group)
Donna Mitchell  - 24.06.2021

Perceptions of Clean in Healthcare

Donna Mitchell, Sector Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Diversey, UK & Ireland, explains why the perception of cleanliness can be as important a consideration for hospital patients and their visitors...

 (photo: Pixabay)
G4S PLC  - 16.06.2021

Detecting and Countering Drones

Steen Sorensen and Noah Price from the G4S Academy and Erik Deleersnyder, Regional Manager, G4S Europe, discuss the group's two new guides on drone technology for businesses.

 (photo: Veolia UK & Ireland)
Malcolm Marshall  - 18.05.2021

Comment on UK Government Peat Consultation

Malcolm Marshall, General Manager - Compost, Veolia UK, comments on the United Kingdom government's recent announcement of a new consultation on the phasing out of peat.

 (photo: Marcelo Moreira)
Tom Roche  - 13.05.2021

Two Unsprinklered Factory Fires, Same Outcome

Tom Roche, Secretary of the Business Sprinkler Alliance, explains why operators of industrial facilities in the United Kingdom need to look well beyond the Fire Safety Order to protect people and...

 (photo: Fernando Arcos)
Dan Harding  - 05.05.2021

Is GDPR a casualty of Covid-19?

With a return to the workplace on the cards and hospitality opening back up, Dan Harding, CEO of Sign In App, discusses the need for businesses to tighten their security and champion GDPR whilst...

 (photo: George Tsiagalakis)
Miguel Aguado  - 06.04.2021

Retrofitting Lighting to Net-Zero

Miguel Aguado, Marketing & Technology Manager at Luton (and LightingEurope executive board member), explains how policymakers can do more to support the UK's commitment to reducing net greenhouse...

 (photo: Diversey, Inc)
Donna Mitchell  - 26.03.2021

Infection Control in Care Homes

Donna Mitchell, Sector Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Diversey, UK & Ireland, provides guidance to care home operators on keeping residents, families and staff safe inside communal areas as many...

 (photo: Mindspace)
Efrat Fenigson  - 25.03.2021

Why Employees Need Better Options

Efrat Fenigson, Mindspace VP Marketing, explains why decisions about remote work require companies to look beyond possible financial savings.

 (photo: Proxyclick)
Hannah Koole-Browne  - 04.03.2021

Building Successful Working Relationships in CRE

Hannah Koole-Browne, associate director at CRE consultancy Incendium, discusses the growing importance of collaborative approaches in developing corporate real estate strategy.

 (photo: Danesman)
Rufus Grig  - 24.02.2021

Going Past the Point of No Return

Rufus Grig, Chief Strategy Officer with managed SIP trunk services provider Maintel, comments on HSBC's announcement of a significant reduction in the office space it occupies.

 (photo: Kimberly-Clark Professional)
Kimberly-Clark Professional  - 09.02.2021

Why Not All Germ Spreaders Wear Masks

With science taking the lead in the battle against Covid-19, Kimberly-Clark Professional is making a stance against claims made by many global hand dryer manufacturers about their products.

 (photo: Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty)
Tim Morris  - 16.12.2020

The Festive Make or Break?

Tim Morris, Cymphony managing director, explains why telephone answering services are particularly in demand over the festive season.

Veolia UK & Ireland Executive Vice-President, Gavin Graveson. (photo: Tom Whipps)
Gavin Graveson  - 14.12.2020

Supporting the UK's Transition to Net Zero

Gavin Graveson, Veolia UK and Ireland EVP and Chair of the Environmental Services Association (ESA), comments on plans announced in the UK government's Energy White Paper on the transition to net...

 (photo: Philips Professional Display Solutions)
Peter Vinke  - 10.12.2020

Revolutionising the Guest Experience

Peter Vinke, Director of International Key Accounts at Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS) discusses the evolution of Android-powered Hospitality TV during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 (photo: Josh Sorenson)
Steve Ricketts  - 01.12.2020

Shouting it from the Rooftops

Steve Ricketts, a branch manager with roofing contractor BriggsAmasco, welcomes recent revisions to the BS 6229:2018 code of practice for roof installations.

 (photo: Allegion Group PLC)
Karen Trigg  - 25.11.2020

Making Time for Life Safety Systems

Karen Trigg, Allegion UK Business Development Manager, explains why properties vacated during lockdown present ideal opportunities for performing statutory fire and safety inspections.

 (photo: )
Tomáš Vystavěl  - 24.11.2020

A Statement on Smart Doorbells from 2N

Tomáš Vystavěl, Chief Product Officer for IP intercoms manufacturer 2N, responds to a BBC News report broadcast yesterday that consumer advice brand Which? is calling on the UK government to...

 (photo: Jonathan Petersson)
Carl Ennis  - 23.11.2020

What's in Store in 2021?

Carl Ennis, Chief Executive of Siemens plc and Siemens Smart Infrastructure, makes his predictions for 2021 as he shuts the door on a year which has been dominated by Covid-19.

Veolia UK & Ireland Executive Vice-President, Gavin Graveson. (photo: Tom Whipps)
Gavin Graveson  - 18.11.2020

Comment on the UK Prime Minister's New Ten Point Plan

Gavin Graveson, Executive Vice President of Veolia UK and Ireland, comments on the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's "Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution for 250,000 jobs".

 (photo: Bis Henderson Consulting)
Louisa Hosegood  - 20.10.2020

Combining to Compete

Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson Consulting, explains the competitive advantages collaborative relationships bring to supply chain logistics.

 (photo: Tommaso Pecchioli)
Karen Trigg  - 23.09.2020

Extinguishing Fire Safety Myths

On the third day of Fire Door Safety Week 2020, Karen Trigg, Allegion UK business development manager, addresses some of the myths that continue to surrounding fire safety.

 (photo: Serco Group Plc)
Staff Reporter  - 21.09.2020

A Bright Future for Saudi Arabia

Serco Middle East CEO, Phil Malem, has described the Kingdom's Vision 2030 development blueprint as a catalyst for transformation in the wake of Covid-19.