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19.10.2021, 14:24

Net Zero: Is the UK Missing the Point?

Mark Bouldin, an environmental specialist with Johnson Controls, comments on the UK government's strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions which was published today.


The UK has just released its plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions but it's missing an important piece of the puzzle.


40 per cent of the world’s carbon is generated by buildings so we must look to innovation to put us solidly on the pathway to Net Zero.

With COP26 round the corner, now is our chance to work collectively and set the standard for others to follow.


Thankfully, technologies already exist that can help us get to grips with many of the issues at hand. Smart technologies are no longer a gimmick or a flash in the pan initiative and must instead be recognised as a significant vehicle to make a positive impact and advance our sustainability efforts.


But what governments and businesses don’t realise is that improving energy efficiency has more than just a good effect on the planet. Research has found that, in buildings with clean air technology, productivity can increase by 11 per cent, with cognitive scores increasing by 101 per cent. That’s a business gain that can only be achieved by exceeding current regulations.


When it comes to tackling climate change, we don’t have the luxury of time. Technology is the place to start, sooner rather than later.

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