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Detecting and Countering Drones

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Steen Sorensen and Noah Price from the G4S Academy and Erik Deleersnyder, Regional Manager, G4S Europe, discuss the group's two new guides on drone technology for businesses.


The rapidly increasing use of drones has created a challenge for governments and regulators. In the wrong hands they can be a dangerous weapon, capable of causing harm and widespread disruption. But drone technology also has great potential to help with security, when it’s deployed in the right circumstances. 


When you open the door to new possibilities, you often also open the door to new risks. This is the case with the increasing availability of drones.


The technology used for drones is developing rapidly. The latest versions are packed with everything from the highest resolution cameras with live streaming, to ‘sense & avoid’ technologies, ensuring that a drone does not fly into various objects along its route.

The rapid developments are setting high demands for the legislation, which is playing catch-up to ensure that new drones and systems are used responsibly. There continues to be much activity and legislative changes, and as well as regulating their use these legislative changes will bring new opportunities for their deployment.


G4S is currently working on a number of solutions where drones are used, such as the patrolling and supervision of harbour areas and construction sites, and the supervision and patrolling of large perimeters. G4S also uses drones for inspection tasks tailored to customers’ needs and logistical tasks, such as the loading of goods, trailers and containers. They are also being used for facility management tasks (roofs, drains, tall chimneys, cables, etc.), alarm patrol response (Response Security Professionals) and search for missing persons.

Things to Consider

There are lots of considerations before purchasing a drone - is software included, are you able to establish a GEOfence, how will the data collected from the drone and camera be stored so it is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant?

Perhaps drones are less of an opportunity to your business and more of a burden? Anti-drone technologies are becoming more readily available and can be helpful in the protection of fence and perimeter surveillance, and protection of public buildings and embassies. Everything from net guns to jamming components are coming onto the market and the challenge is how you can operate them in a legal way and without unintended consequences for innocent parties. 
There is no doubt that the usage of drones for various security tasks will develop in the coming years, and at G4S we work closely with drones to enhance our security offering, and we help our customers by devising drone prevention solutions where required.
Learn more about the opportunities, risks, and considerations for using drones by downloading our G4S Academy guides here.

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