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23.03.2021, 17:11

Comment on UK Government Commercial Building Energy Proposals

Commercial & Manufacturing Facilities, Energy Management, Industrial, EMEA, United Kingdom, Carbon Economy

Jamie Cameron, Director of Digital Solutions at Johnson Controls UK & Ireland, comments on UK government proposals for a performance-based framework for measuring commercial energy consumption in buildings.

The UK government's Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has proposed the introduction of a national performance-based framework to measure the energy consumption of commercial and industrial buildings.


Measuring a building’s carbon performance is critical if we want to reduce energy consumption in the UK’s commercial property market. An ongoing performance-based framework like this will help building and sustainability managers accurately measure and communicate whether they are on a net zero carbon trajectory. 


But, for many businesses, the problem is this: you can’t improve what you can’t measure. The onus isn’t just on the building managers – technology has a crucial role to play in realising a building and business’ sustainability ambitions. All of your energy usage should be tracked, analysed and managed. Building owners must be equipped with the right technologies. If not, they can’t get the insights they need to achieve their sustainability, operational and space health goals. 


This comes down to having a data-driven approach to managing a building’s energy performance.


With the right technology in place, BEIS’ proposals for a performance-based framework will be a critical step towards a greener future.


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