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Making Reoccupied Premises Safer

Jenton Group is claiming 99.99 per cent efficacy for Torpedo Quad, the new UV air disinfection unit developed by its JenAct subsidiary to keep ducted air conditioning systems free of SARS-CoV-2.


UVC radiation has been proven to be effective at disinfecting airborne viruses, with a considerable amount of research published in peer-reviewed papers and journals over the years on how it destroys genetic material that is present in viruses.


Designed to fit longitudinally into HVAC systems and existing ducting, the Quad is positioned with appropriate brackets in line with the air stream in order to maximise the contact time of contaminants with the UV energy.  It cleans the air as it flows past the UVC lamps.


With four high output UVC lamps mounted on a custom-designed polished aluminium reflector, JenAct’s new Quad UV air disinfection system offers the maximum UV output per linear centimetre of the company’s Torpedo range.  Typical bulb life is one year.


Ventilation and air conditioning units are an ideal breeding ground and/or transmission mechanism for mould, bacteria and viruses including SARs-CoV-2 which can result in operational issues, potential litigation and even loss of life.


JenAct has developed bespoke modelling software to help building operators determine the optimum configuration to protect against the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus and other target pathogens, although it should be noted that viruses are generally easier to disinfect in air than mould or bacteria (against which UV light is also regularly used). The modelling software allows UV systems to be accurately sized to do the job in hand, depending on air flow and duct dimensions.


Torpedo Quad is available as Premium, Standard and OEM models.  Quad controllers can either integrate with existing control systems or provide their own.   The Quad premium features a full colour touch screen control (HMI) which displays levels and alarms for run hours / lamp current / status. The standard model has start / stop buttons and UV status.


Controllers for both the premium and standard units are enclosed in a wall mounted IP54 stainless steel casing which can be located up to five metres from the duct ( with cables included). There are inputs from 1 & 2 channel safety circuit and local power isolation.


Both models are available in MONO and DUO versions. The controller is the same but the MONO has one Quad duct unit whilst the DUO has two duct units.


The Quad premium is available with the option of real-time monitoring of UVC output displayed both on HMI and broadcast over Modbus TCP/IP. Other extras include upgrade to IP65 environmental protection of the enclosure and shatterproof (food-safe) UVC lamp / duct unit.


The Quad OEM unit is a duct mounted system with the UVC lamps and controlled located on either side of a metal plate. The bulbs are inside the duct and the IP54 controller is mounted outside. Once power is applied the UVC will turn on whenever there is airflow within the duct.


JenAct is a participating member of the International Ultraviolet Association and holds a number of granted patents in UV generation and application. The company has been based in Whitchurch Hampshire since 1996 and is actively designing, developing and manufacturing solutions for the current Covid-19 situation.


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