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06.05.2021, 18:14

Respecting Human Rights in Security

The International SOS Group of Companies has become one of 51 "Observer" organisations of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) which ensures respect for human rights by private security providers.


Observers play an active and crucial role in upholding the association's governance procedures.


Arnaud Vaissié, International SOS co-founder, Chairman and CEO, comments: "As an organisation with human touch at our core, ICoCA's mission very much aligns with our own. We take pride in the fact that we protect and save lives every day. By providing employment, training healthcare and other benefits to our employees and by working with local service providers, International SOS directly contributes to the well-being of individuals in over 200 countries and territories.


"International SOS pursues the protection of individual rights through our behaviour towards our employees, customers and service providers.


"We see the opportunity to help to raise the profile of this critical aspect of business sustainability within the security sector. It is important for the growth of the industry that clients are assured that human rights are protected and an integral part of their suppliers' ethos. We feel honoured to have the opportunity to share our expertise with the ICoCA membership."


Jamie Williamson, Executive Director of ICoCA, adds: "We are delighted that International SOS have joined the ICoCA as an Observer. This sends a clear message: that contracting responsible private security companies, the operations of which are continually monitored by ICoCA and that are subjected to human rights due diligence, is not just the right thing to do but makes better business sense.


"We look forward to working with International SOS to raise the profile of ICoCA across all industries and sectors, and to learn from them given their deep expertise in ensuring the security and health of their clients."




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