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28.04.2021, 12:32

Wolverhampton Modernises Road Traffic Management

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Wolverhampton City Council is replacing multiple existing traffic management systems with a modular solution that collects data on vehicle counts, pollution levels and journey times.


The Council has been working on an implementation of SWARCO's city-wide MyCity solution since May 2019.

MyCity is a modular Traffic Management Platform that can be managed on-premises or as a cloud-based solution operated by SWARCO. In addition to performing the functions of "traditional" traffic management system - including traffic signal monitoring and control, car park guidance and VMS management and journey time monitoring, the solution enables more modern capabilities such as EV charging management, micro-mobility, floating car data and air quality management.

The web-based modular setup of MyCity means the system can be tailored to suit the specific needs of individual towns or cities. The flexibility is such that it can be set up initially as a service model and expanded to accommodate various functionalities and features as they are needed to improve traffic flow and safety.

Praising the platform's information capabilities, John Charles, Wolverhampton City Council's Team Leader for Road Safety & Sustainable Travel, says: "MyCity provides a raft of information that is affording great control of the city’s traffic systems: “With pollution monitoring that notifies us when NO2 reaches a certain level, vehicle counting for 19 different classifications – including motorbikes, public buses and taxis – a live map view of the congestion of routes and journey times, and in-depth reporting from millions of data points, we are provided with unsurpassed knowledge of how the network is performing."

"This increased intelligence, enhanced communication channels and the ability to automate processes allow us to identify and respond more efficiently to incidents occurring across the City, making us better placed than ever to manage the highway network and support the regeneration of a cleaner, smarter city."

John Pickworth, SWARCO Traffic managing director, adds: "MyCity is open and able to interface with any existing solutions in a city. And, unlike some systems where you have to pay engineers for every new item to be added, new devices can be added at the click of a button, making this the ultimate traffic management platform."


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