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29.03.2021, 09:08

Healthy Building System

Infogrid has launched workplace environmental data aggregator Healthy Building System, together with findings from a OnePoll survey suggesting half of UK adults are unsure about returning to their workplace.


The solution from Infogrid uses sensors to collect data on indoor environmental parameters, including air quality, water safety, occupancy, cleanliness, and occupant feedback - which it integrates to provide organisations with a holistic view of their estate.


AI derived insights from the raw sensor data make it easy for building operators to identify issues and act to improve the single combined metric they receive, the 'Healthy Building Score'.


Infogrid has also published a report entitled, Creating a Healthy Workplace which draws on the results of a OnePoll survey the commissioned to help it understand how a sample of 2,000 employees feel about returning to the workplace as the next phase of lockdown eases.


The survey suggests employees are generally now more conscious of their health at work, with 65 per cent saying they are more concerned about the healthiness of the workplace than they were before the pandemic. More than half said the healthiness of their workplace impacts their mental (54 per cent) and physical (56 per cent) wellbeing; with the survey also suggesting the cost of not providing a good work environment is high since half (49 per cent) of respondents said the healthiness of their workplace impacts their productivity.


Employees also said the healthiness of their workplace would impact their decision to stay in a business (47 per cent) or join a new company (39 per cent) -  a finding backed by studies from Harvard and over 20 other academic institutions which investigated links between indoor air quality (IAQ), lower sickness rates and higher employee productivity. 


Infogrid CEO, William Cowell, comments: "This research shows that businesses have to accept that their employees have reservations about returning to the workplace. Organisations need to take action now to prepare the workplace. Not only to make their employees feel safe but to safeguard their ongoing welfare. Employees are now more conscious than ever of how their workplace impacts their wellbeing.


"As humans, we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors and, with their health on the line, employees will understandably be expecting more action from their employers to improve their workplace.


"Failure to meet their standards may see organisations lose talented workers. The challenge for businesses is how they can measure the effectiveness of the steps they are taking to make healthy working environments and reassure their employees. The answer lies in the use of data." 


Survey Methodology

The OnePoll survey interviewed 2,000 UK employed adults between the 10th and 15th of March 2021. This sample excludes those who ordinarily work from home or are self-employed. 


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