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23.02.2021, 01:05

Empowering Children Through Crisis and Conflict

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A partnership between SAVORTEX and Strong Gens recognises the importance of entrepreneurs of the future in supporing the global economy.


By supporting Strong Gens' mission to empower children who have been left feeling powerless by forces and circumstances outside of their control, the partnership aims to to help every child, in every community the charity's network operates in to experience the safety, nurture and love they need to thrive.


Strong Gens is an entrepreneurial organization that educates the less fortunate young refugees to be future leaders by helping them to develop skills and to show them how they can make meaningful and measurable changes for themselves and for their communities.


SAVORTEX CEO, Syed Ahmed, says his team was thrilled to learn how children are engaged through Stong Gens' sustainable future dream campaigns which are driven by their own need and believes sponsoring the organisation will really make a difference for so many children, communities and lives. 


Creator and Founder of Strong Gens, Sophia Wilmot-Sophia, previously spent 10 years privately tutoring, coaching and caring for children. In September 2020, she left her private work to manage the Strong-Gens family of not-for-profit organisations full time.


Sophia and the Strong Gens team are on a mission to help young children explore their passions, their purpose and in turn to feel their power.


Her organisation's current projects include providing refugee children by building a school within the walls of a refugee camp in Greece.


Visit Strong Gens dedicated PayPal payment link at PayPal.Me to make a donation.



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