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David Smith  - 02.09.2021

Beware the Long Arm of PIPL

David Smith, a Partner with The Lawyer "Top 100" firm JMW Solicitors, explains why China's recently introduced data protection legislation matters to the UK and European property sector. JMW...

 (photo:  Mohamed Almari)
CINTEC International  - 30.08.2021

Fire Resistant Anchors

Following a series of highly publicised losses of life to fire in refurbished buildings, Cintec International provides guidance on the importance of fire resistant remedial anchors and reinforcements.

 (photo: Sagar Soneji)
Charlie Walker  - 24.08.2021

Throw-away Lines

Charlie Walker, head of marketing at fulfilment operator Walker Logistics, comments on recent news coverage of excessive wastage of unsold stock in the UK by online retailer Amazon.

 (photo:  Ronan Kruithof)
Diversey Holdings  - 13.08.2021

Controlling Food Service Cleaning Costs

Diversey provides guidance to catering and food service businesses on managing Covid-19 related increases in food hygiene and cleaning costs.

 (photo: Alex Knight)
Cathy Spears  - 11.08.2021

Understanding AI

With artificial intelligence transforming the operation of business across industries, managers of all levels are flocking to understand how the technology can be deployed in their organisation.

 (photo:  Andrea Piacquadio)
Jeremy Harrison  - 30.07.2021

Keeping Compliance on the Menu

Jeremy Harrison, managing director of MSL Property Care Services, explains why the UK's hospitality sector needs to pay attention to facility compliance following the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

 (photo: Jonathan Borba)
Cathy Spears  - 19.07.2021

Working in the Food Industry

Opening a restaurant or food processing business can be very rewarding but usually requires compliance with a host of regulatory and food safety requirements.

 (photo: Rodolfo Clix)
Valpy Fitzgerald  - 16.07.2021

Beware of Power Purchase Agreements

Valpy Fitzgerald explains why hidden charges are derailing promises of higher purchase prices for businesses supplying energy into the UK's National Grid under power purchase agreements (PPAs).

 (photo: Sontay)
Stacey Lucas  - 15.07.2021

Making Sense of Particulate Matter

Stacey Lucas explains how a technology used to protect building users during the Covid-19 pandemic is also used to monitor CO2 levels in indoor air.

 (photo: Yoss Traore)
Susan Cassells  - 28.06.2021

IAQ and Occupational Health

Susan Cassells, business development manager for SOCOTEC’s Environment & Safety division, explains how improving indoor air quality can safeguard employees from occupational health concerns.

 (photo: BURST)
Gareth Rondel  - 21.06.2021

What you Need to Know About the Environment Bill

Gareth Rondel, Sustainability Lead at the Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), explains why the UK's proposed Environment Bill will impact environmental governance of the built...

 (photo: ThisIsEngineering)
Mark Bouldin  - 17.06.2021

IAQ in a Post-Covid-19 World

As the United Kingdom marks Clean Air Day 2021, Mark Bouldin, project operations manager and healthy buildings expert at Johnson Controls, explains why now is the time to focus on indoor air...

 (photo: Bis Henderson Consulting)
Leigh Anderson  - 02.06.2021

HR Strategy Key to Post-Covid-19 Logistics

Leigh Anderson, managing director at Bis Henderson Recruitment, explains why the 'new normal' is generating demand for for senior Human Resource executives within supply chain logistics.

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Cathy Spears  - 20.05.2021

Extending Your eCommerce Capabilities

Third party service providers play an increasing role in eCommerce as companies selling online focus on their core capabilities and cut costs by leaving fulfilment to others.