(photo: Markus Spiske)
Jamie Cameron  - 11.11.2021

COP26, Climate Change and the Built Environment

As the COP26 conference addresses carbon emissions from buildings for the first time, Jamie Cameron, Director of Digital Solutions at Johnson Controls UK&I, explains why driving down emissions...

Roger Kerr, Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) chief executive. (photo: Organic Farmers & Growers )
Administrator  - 01.11.2021

Why Defra’s Organic Oversight Risks Backfiring

Roger Kerr, chief executive of UK community interest company Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) comments on a damning new report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Parliamentary Select...

 (photo: Urfinguss)
Karen Trigg  - 01.11.2021

Prioritising Fire Safety in Schools

Karen Trigg explains why ongoing assessments and maintenance periods in schools are essential requirements of the UK's fire safety regulations.

 (photo: Andrea Piacquadio)
Cathy Spears  - 25.10.2021

Cleaning Fitness Facilities in the New Normal

As users of gyms and fitness centres adjust to the requirements of the post-Covid-19 environment, adopting a systematic and standards-based approach to hygiene can yield safety dividends for...

 (photo: Pixabay)
Jamie Cameron  - 21.10.2021

COP26: Why Technology is Essential

Following the leak of documents suggesting Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and several other countries have been lobbying the United Nations to alter its recommendations for tackling climate change,...

Jordanian capital, Amman. (photo: G4S plc)
G4S PLC  - 20.10.2021

Delivering Security at Embassies in Jordan

Allied Universal brand G4S has a long history of providing security services and solutions to foreign embassies in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

 (photo: )
Dave Morris  - 14.10.2021

Making Warehouses More Productive

With distribution and fulfilment operations in the UK under pressure to perform despite reported labour shortages, Dave Morris, a director of logistics software company Vitesse, explains how...

 (photo:  Harrison Haines)
Kiasu Workforce  - 08.10.2021

Ensuring Fire Safety At Work

Fire safety is possibly one of the most important things that employers need to consider, alongside other health and safety measures.

 (photo:  Philipp Birmes)
Cathy Spears  - 23.09.2021

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Despite a tail-off in demand for commercial real estate during the Covid-19 pandemic, the asset class is expected to return to growth rates similar to those of the last decade within five years.

 (photo: Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA))
Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA)  - 13.09.2021

A Cautionary Tale

The Business Sprinkler Alliance comments on a recent fire at an unsprinklered warehouse in Coventry in the United Kingdom which was attended by ten fire engines and 70 firefighters.

No excuses: Trigg believes there can be little excuse for misunderstanding fire door safety given the wealth of freely available resources on the subject. (photo: Allegion UK)
Karen Trigg  - 13.09.2021

Closing the Fire Door Safety Gap

Fire safety doesn’t happen by chance but requires vigilance and an organisation-wide commitment to staff training, according to Karen Trigg, Allegion UK (South East) business development manager.

 (photo: Kindel Media)
David Smith  - 02.09.2021

Beware the Long Arm of PIPL

David Smith, a Partner with The Lawyer "Top 100" firm JMW Solicitors, explains why China's recently introduced data protection legislation matters to the UK and European property sector. JMW...

 (photo:  Mohamed Almari)
CINTEC International  - 30.08.2021

Fire Resistant Anchors

Following a series of highly publicised losses of life to fire in refurbished buildings, Cintec International provides guidance on the importance of fire resistant remedial anchors and reinforcements.

 (photo: Sagar Soneji)
Charlie Walker  - 24.08.2021

Throw-away Lines

Charlie Walker, head of marketing at fulfilment operator Walker Logistics, comments on recent news coverage of excessive wastage of unsold stock in the UK by online retailer Amazon.

 (photo:  Ronan Kruithof)
Diversey Holdings  - 13.08.2021

Controlling Food Service Cleaning Costs

Diversey provides guidance to catering and food service businesses on managing Covid-19 related increases in food hygiene and cleaning costs.