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25.10.2021, 14:47

Cleaning Fitness Facilities in the New Normal

As users of gyms and fitness centres adjust to the requirements of the post-Covid-19 environment, adopting a systematic and standards-based approach to hygiene can yield safety dividends for facility owners and operators.


Establish a cleaning schedule

Implementing a cleaning schedule is essential for ensuring your fitness facility remains clean and virus free at all times. Such schedules typically outline the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities of each team member as well as when and how often they should be carried out. If you don’t know where to begin, consider itemising how particular materials should be cleaned, prioritising busy areas or surfaces, decide between regular deep cleans or consistent cleaning routines, and removing and updating key steps as necessary along the way.


Consider available technology 

It may sound relatively simple to keep your fitness business clean and tidy on a regular basis, but it can command a great deal of time and effort if you are the sole employee preoccupied with running the business. It may, therefore, benefit you to consider available technology, such as the products and services offered by VIOA, and determine whether or not it is something you, your business, and your customers, may benefit from in the long run. This can include decontamination towers, robot-powered custodians, disinfecting drones, and even UV radiation.


Stock up on cleaning supplies 

In addition to establishing a cleaning schedule and considering available technology, it may also benefit you to stock up on cleaning supplies. If you have only recently launched your fitness business or purchased the company from a seller, this should be the first item on your list of priorities. This can include wipes, a cloth, a mop, a brush, disinfectant, floor cleaner, and hand sanitiser. By ensuring you have a sufficient stock of cleaning supplies and replenishing on a regular basis, you can ensure everyone does their part to keep the working environment clean and tidy at all times.


Deliver employee training 

If you are considering improving your cleaning routine for your fitness business in the coming weeks, you must also ensure employees are fully trained on any new procedures or protocols they are expected to follow. In doing so, you must also outline how this will continue to protect their health and safety whilst they are at work and create a better working environment for everyone involved. This can be done online or in-person depending on the circumstances but must be done at the earliest convenience.


So, in summary, several options are available to owners and operators of cleaning businesses navigating the requirements of the post-Covid-19 environment, including establishing a cleaning schedule, considering available technology, stocking up on cleaning supplies, and delivering employee training.



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