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Reviewing the Safety of Your Facility

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Although maintaining a safe workplace is a requirement for all employers, the prevalence of hazards which are specific to certain industries and verticals must not be overlooked by facility and building managers.



The construction industry is a big one, as so many things can go wrong.  Typically, there are lots of hazards – and there are also large teams working on a construction site.  There are specific Health and Safety regulations for that sector that need to be met. 


Some of the top health and safety risks in construction include working at a height, a noisy environment as well as potential hazards with moving objects.


Healthcare Facilities

Although Covid-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of patients who are admitted to hospital, a broader approach to looking at safety issues is required.


Operators of healthcare facilities need to take into consideration the large volume of staff members and visitors that are likely to be on site at any given time.  Slips, trips and falls should be avoided at all costs – and clear signage should be put in place as a preventative measure.  Companies such as Label Source provide effective hospital signs to ensure it’s a safe environment.



Warehouses potentially present  many of the same health and safety challenges as construction sites, and risks from heavy objects that are being stored or transported, and operating machinery in particular.


If the warehouse isn’t managed effectively, there is also the potential for objects to be lying around in places that could cause a fall.  All warehouse staff should undertake appropriate training before working in that area and regular inspections should be undertaken.



Although most of us associate visiting restaurants and hotels with relaxation, facility managers are required to put in a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure the safety of employees and patrons. 


As well as having to contend with the health and safety measures associated with operating a kitchen – there is also the front-of-house that needs to be taken care of.  This includes appropriate signage for wet floors, fire safety etc.


Health Spas and Leisure Centres

Falls from slips are a common occurrence in health spas and leisure centres where wet floors, swimming pools, and hot tubs heighten the risk to users.


Reviewing the positioning and readability of health and safety sigage for clients therefore forms an essential part of any facility's contingencies against accidents.


Outside of swimming areas, staff need to account for the safety or locker rooms, and shower and toilet facilities.


Although all workplaces need to maintain a high level of health and safety standards, there are of course some that have more hazards to worry about than others.  If you operate in any of the above industries, it’s critical to ensure you are up to speed with the latest rules and regulations so you remain compliant. 


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