(photo: Harry Cunningham)
Justin Kelly  - 03.11.2021

Just Transitioning and Net Zero

Following the UK's decision to require large companies to demonstrate their commitment to climate change targets, Justin Kelly, Siemens PLC corporate communications director, presents key findings...

 (photo: Bis Henderson Consulting)
Leigh Anderson  - 01.11.2021

Saving Christmas with Interims

With rising ecommerce volumes combining with a driver shortage to create the perfect storm in the UK, Leigh Anderson, managing director at Bis Henderson Recruitment, explains how interim managers...

 (photo: ThisIsEngineering)
Jamie Cameron  - 01.11.2021

Technology and the Race to Net Zero

With COP26 underway, Jamie Cameron, director of digital solutions at Johnson Controls UK&I, discusses the prevalence of technology in the race to net zero and the fight against climate change.

Pictured: Sean Haley. (photo: Sodexo Group)
Sean Haley  - 27.10.2021

Commentary on Sodexo Full-Year 21 Results

Sean Haley, Chairman of Sodexo UK and Ireland, comments on the Group's full-year 2021 results and the contribution of the United Kingdom and Ireland to reported global half-fiscal year revenue...

 (photo: ATI Restoration)
ATI Restoration  - 25.10.2021

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

U.S. environmental and reconstruction services provider ATI Restoration explains why business interruption insurance is essential for managing continuity and safeguarding against downtime.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Mark Bouldin  - 19.10.2021

Net Zero: Is the UK Missing the Point?

Mark Bouldin, an environmental specialist with Johnson Controls, comments on the UK government's strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions which was published today.

Jonathan Foot (pictured) argues against the commonly held misconception that apprenticeships are solely for young people. (photo: ©Douglas Kurn)
Jonathan Foot  - 18.10.2021

Celebrating Hospitality Apprenticeship Week 2021

With Hospitality Apprenticeship Week underway in the United Kingdom, Jonathan Foot, Head of Apprenticeships and Early Careers at Compass Group UK&I, explains why apprenticeships are relevant to...

 (photo: Pixabay)
Mark Bouldin  - 14.10.2021

Why COP26 is Now Even More Critical

Environmental specialist Mark Bouldin comments on The Climate Transparency Report 2021 finding released today that CO2 emissions will rise by 4 per cent across the G20 this year despite falling 6...

 (photo: Depot Digital Solutions Newton Assets)
Bernard Magee ,  Mark McLoughlin  - 08.09.2021

Grid-to-Vehicle Approaches in EV Fleet Management

Bernard Magee, director of eMobility Infrastructure at Siemens GB&I and Siemens Financial Services director Mark McLoughlin, explain why charging electric vehicles directly from the grid makes sense.

 (photo: Karl Gerber)
Ellen Huelin  - 02.09.2021

Addressing Building Carbon Targets

Ellen Huelin, Associate Director at Whitecode Design Associates, explains why whole lifecycle environmental costing is essential for reducing the contribution of buildings to climate change.

 (photo: ETA+)
Jonathan Rhodes ,  Rob Burke  - 13.08.2021

Beware of MEES

Jonathan Rhodes, head of commercial valuations and Rob Burke, director of building consultancy at Cluttons, caution commercial property owners and lenders following the closure of the UK...

Pictured: Paul Mulcahy, oyota Material Handling UK's Quality, Health & Safety and Environment manager.  (photo: Toyota Corporation)
Paul Mulcahy  - 12.08.2021

The Need for Forklift Safety

Paul Mulcahy, QHSE Manager at Toyota Material Handling UK, explains why vigilance is needed to prevent accidents involving forklift trucks.

 (photo:  Marcus Aurelius)
Stuart Finnie  - 29.07.2021

Accessibility: More than an Afterthought

Stuart Finnie, Regional Principal, Design - EMEA at commercial interior design practice Unispace, comments on the UK government's National Disability Strategy.

 (photo: Inti Tupac)
Raymond Martin  - 23.07.2021

Addressing the UK's Public Toilets Crisis

Raymond Martin, managing director of the British Toilet Association (BTA), explains why his organisation is calling for more government funding and legislation following findings of an ‘appalling’...

 (photo: Cottonbro)
Jaimie Woodhall  - 19.07.2021

IAQ: Ticket to Freedom?

As the United Kingdom lifts restrictions on 'Freedom Day', Jamie Woodhall, technical and innovations manager at Initial Washroom Hygiene, comments on government guidance relating to CO2 monitoring.

 (photo: Cleyder Duque)
Paul Freeman  - 08.07.2021

Automating Warehouse Operations

Paul Freeman, managing director of Toyota Material Handling, explains why SME warehouse operators and e-commerce retailers are increasingly deploying automated intralogistics technology in response...

 (photo: Cottonbro)
Andrew Barry  - 01.07.2021

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

OUTCO managing director Andy Barry explains why packaged outdoor FM services makes sense for estates managers.

 (photo: Alleksana)
Kas Mohammed  - 24.06.2021

Why the UK Needs a Retrofit Revolution

Kas Mohammed, VP of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, comments on the annual report of independent statutory body, The Climate Change Committee (CCC), to the United Kingdom...

 (photo: Diversey Group)
Donna Mitchell  - 24.06.2021

Perceptions of Clean in Healthcare

Donna Mitchell, Sector Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Diversey, UK & Ireland, explains why the perception of cleanliness can be as important a consideration for hospital patients and their visitors...

 (photo: Pixabay)
G4S PLC  - 16.06.2021

Detecting and Countering Drones

Steen Sorensen and Noah Price from the G4S Academy and Erik Deleersnyder, Regional Manager, G4S Europe, discuss the group's two new guides on drone technology for businesses.

 (photo: Veolia UK & Ireland)
Malcolm Marshall  - 18.05.2021

Comment on UK Government Peat Consultation

Malcolm Marshall, General Manager - Compost, Veolia UK, comments on the United Kingdom government's recent announcement of a new consultation on the phasing out of peat.

 (photo: Marcelo Moreira)
Tom Roche  - 13.05.2021

Two Unsprinklered Factory Fires, Same Outcome

Tom Roche, Secretary of the Business Sprinkler Alliance, explains why operators of industrial facilities in the United Kingdom need to look well beyond the Fire Safety Order to protect people and...

 (photo: Fernando Arcos)
Dan Harding  - 05.05.2021

Is GDPR a casualty of Covid-19?

With a return to the workplace on the cards and hospitality opening back up, Dan Harding, CEO of Sign In App, discusses the need for businesses to tighten their security and champion GDPR whilst...

 (photo: George Tsiagalakis)
Miguel Aguado  - 06.04.2021

Retrofitting Lighting to Net-Zero

Miguel Aguado, Marketing & Technology Manager at Luton (and LightingEurope executive board member), explains how policymakers can do more to support the UK's commitment to reducing net greenhouse...

 (photo: Diversey, Inc)
Donna Mitchell  - 26.03.2021

Infection Control in Care Homes

Donna Mitchell, Sector Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Diversey, UK & Ireland, provides guidance to care home operators on keeping residents, families and staff safe inside communal areas as many...