Nick Proctor, founder and CEO of amber energy. (photo: )
Nick Proctor, founder and CEO of amber energy.
13.07.2020, 12:04

Taking the Fuss out of Energy Management

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The UK's first energy strategy bot promises to help businesses cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.


AMBER, which has been developed by Utilitech pioneer Amber Energy, uses advanced machine learning principles to benchmark a user’s current energy performance against criteria, Lean, Clean and Green, to inform the company's proprietary Utilities Trilemma® methodology.


Nick Proctor, the company's founder and CEO, says: "We want to help companies reduce their operating costs so they can reinvest in growth and remain competitive as the UK reopens for business. But people are busy, and energy is complex, so addressing inefficiencies here can, understandably, fall down the to-do list. This means that significant savings can go unrealised for a long time.


"We couldn’t tolerate that any longer, so we’ve thrown everything we have at building an easy-to-use, intelligent and free bot so that anyone can benchmark their business utilities in minutes and on their own terms, to get a clear idea of where to focus their efforts.


"With AMBER we’ve combined our collective experience and know-how with the latest technology to help us achieve the financial, operational and environmental goals of our customers."


How it works

  • Visit
  • Tap ‘Let’s Go’ and respond to the questions asked by AMBER
  • Review your scores, which are flagged as either red, amber or green based on industry standards, and view an estimate of potential cost savings

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