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18.03.2020, 10:35

Communicating with Remote Teams

Communications agency Magenta Associates has launched a guide to support organisations communicating with remote workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Publication of the guide follows a recommendation by the UK government that people work from home wherever possible.


The guide, which is free to download from, includes top tips and practical advice for organisations instigating remote working policies for the first time, with advice focused on:  


  • Managing workload expectations for well employees, those with caring responsibilities and those who are unwell
  • Over-communicating: there’s no such thing as too much communication when you’re remote working
  • Investing in good technology: strong, reliable Wi-Fi is the holy grail of the remote worker to enable regular video-conferencing and use of collaborative tools
  • Supporting employees to set up an ergonomically sound home-working environment
  • Insisting on video calls to reduce a sense of isolation and improve communication
  • Keeping calendars updated and sharing diaries so people know when colleagues are available
  • Sticking to similar routines as the office environment to remain productive and focused
  • Taking breaks including virtual coffee time for teams to boost morale
  • Understanding that everyone is different and will have different remote working styles
  • Recognising and rewarding people for great work
  • Creating a safe psychological environment so everyone can contribute to group discussions
  • Encouraging self-care
  • Keeping people updated


Explaining the initiative, Jo Sutherland, Magenta managing director, says:

"The Coronavirus outbreak has been described as a massive work-from-home experiment. If your company is introducing remote working, then you need to think carefully about how you communicate with your people.


"This guide will help businesses through the process during this difficult time."



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