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Reducing Electricity Usage

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Polyteck Group is offering commercial clients an innovative technology-led solution for reducing their energy costs.

Offering energy savings of up to 60 per cent on The SolarCool system can reduce client electricity usage for air conditioning or refrigeration by up to 60% while


Marketed by its manufacturer as "the most energy efficient refrigeration and air conditioning system in the entire world", the SolarCool system uses patented technology to claim energy savings of up to 60 per cent on most types of commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems. It is being deployed by major brands including Sodexo, Texaco, Toyota Tsusho and Pizza Hut.

The solution works by installing special solar collectors in between the compressor and the condenser. The more daylight the Solar Cool system gets, the less the compressor has to work as it allows the refrigerant flowing through the solar collectors to heat and so reduce the work the compressors have to do, as the refrigerant has already been preheated by the solar collectors, so reducing energy usage and the compressor run periods. 


What makes the SolarCool system especially effective is how versatile it is in terms of implementation. It will work with all types of compressors, including scroll, screw, centrifugal, inverter or staged compression, and the solar collectors do not need to be angled to face the sun.


Introduced Polyteck’s new internet of things (IOT) network will highlight potential failures in mechanical & electrical (M&E) systems before they occur. 


Polyteck is enhancing its capabilities with a specially developed Internet of Things (IoT) network that is designed to connect 'dumb' (i.e. without communication capability) but critical, physical mechanical and electrical (M&E) devices using specially developed sensors and software for exchanging operational and performance data. 


Devices can instantly let contract managers know when they are feeling ’unwell’ by email and SMS, and therefore provide an early indication of a potential failure. 


Bespoke dashboards with relevant alarms can be viewed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The introduction of these two new technologies will enable Polyteck to support its clients by giving them the most energy efficient and operationally reliable mechanical and electrical systems available. 


George Polycarpou, managing director of Polyteck, says:

"We know how important it is for our clients to reduce their energy usage and improve efficiency, both for the benefit of their bottom line and the world in which we live. That’s important to us too.


"The new SolarCool system and Polyteck's new IoT systems are both game-changing technologies that will transform the way our client buildings are run. We are thrilled to be able to deliver them."




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