(photo: August de Richelieu)
Cathy Spears  - 23.10.2020

Maintaining Your Social Life During COVID-19

Following an easing of lockdown restrictions in many countries, visiting family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic has become even more essential for physical and mental wellbeing.

 (photo: DaYsO)
Andrea Falco  - 13.10.2020

Supporting Recycling with Deposit Schemes

Andrea Falco, Head of Sales at HSM, explains why the rest of the UK will follow Scotland's decision to introduce a deposit scheme for bottles and cans in 2022 to support recycling.

 (photo: Elevate)
Steve Purvis  - 12.10.2020

A New Strategy for a New Reality

Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, presents the arguments for intelligent inventories in post-Covid-19 supply chain logistics.

 (photo: H.O. Erwin)
Keith Gallacher  - 06.10.2020

Removing Knotweed Safely

Keith Gallacher, director of Complete Weed Control Scotland, reviews the strategies and legislation used to control Japanese Knotweed infestations on construction sites.

 (photo: Mikel Letona)
Mark Newton  - 25.09.2020

Indoor CO2 Monitoring and Covid-19

Mark Newton, managing director of sensing and peripheral devices for intelligent buildings, Sontay, explains why a healthy indoor environment is essential for Covid-security.

 (photo: Akzo Nobel N.V.)
Lisa Piley  - 17.09.2020

Refresh the Office to Beat the Covid Blues

Lisa Piley, commercial colour consultant at AkzoNobel subsidiary, Dulux Trade, explains why redecorating the office can help improve the wellbeing of returning staff.

 (photo: Haven Power)
Bjoern Reinke  - 11.09.2020

Making Sense of the Numbers

Director of Data and Data Science at Haven Power, Bjoern Reinke, explains why AI and machine learning are essential for interpreting the huge volumes of data generated by commercial smart meters.

 (photo: Centurion Safety Products Ltd)
Centurion Safety Products  - 08.09.2020

When Clarity Counts

With organisations around the world reopening as Covid-19 restrictions ease, face screen manufacturer Centurion is encouraging purchasers of PPE to be extra vigilant.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Cathy Spears  - 07.09.2020

What You Need to Know About Building a Business App

Despite a marked increase in the number of new apps on Google Play and Apple's App Store, launching a native app requires considerable planning if it is to deliver your brand experience to...

 (photo: Elina Krima)
Steve Purvis  - 04.09.2020

Flexible Spaces and the Supply Chain

Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, explains why flexible spaces are an important supply chain consideration in times of uncertainty.

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Maham Azam  - 27.08.2020

Choosing the Best Surface for Your Business

In the era of COVID-19, budget and maintenance are arguably two of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a surface for your workplace.

NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz. (photo: NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz)
Peter Duncanson  - 27.08.2020

Preparing for the Storms Double Whammy

ServiceMaster Restore director Peter Duncanson explains why a record-breaking hurricane season in the United States means additional risks for COVID-security.

 (photo: Stuart Manley)
Karen Trigg  - 10.08.2020

The Importance of Door Hardware

Allegion UK's Karen Trigg considers the importance for saving lives of door hardware selection and routine fire checks.

 (photo: )
Louisa Hosegood  - 14.07.2020

Repurposing Retail for the New Normal

Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson Consulting, considers the impact of the migration towards shopping online and Covid-19 on the retail sector.

 (photo: Norma Mortenson)
Mark Harper  - 07.07.2020

Making Packaging More Sustainable

Mark Harper, Head of Sales (UK & Ireland) for office technology company HSM, makes the case for perforating cardboard offcuts from packaging used for online deliveries.

 (photo: NARA)
Jane Embury  - 02.07.2020

Not Quite FDR

Jane Embury explains why a UK government commitment to build its way out of recession falls far short of Boris Johson's pledge of a Rooseveltian New Deal.

 (photo: Gustavo Fring)
Katie Burrows  - 15.06.2020

On the Journey Towards Carbon Neutral

Katie Burrows, energy services solutions manager for Haven Power, considers what the UK government's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 really means for businesses.

 (photo: Karolina Grabowska)
Steve Teesdale  - 12.06.2020

Why You Really Need to Know Your Disinfectants

Steve Teasdale, InnuScience co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs, explains why recognising differences between bactericides, virucides and fungicides is essential for COVID-Security.

 (photo: Olga DeLawrence)
Cathy Spears  - 10.06.2020

The Case for Specialist Tax Consultants

The long-term benefits of specialist tax accountants for businesses are frequently overlooked when discussion focuses too closely on their fees.

 (photo: Julia Cameron)
Klaus Allion  - 28.05.2020

Life After Lockdown

Klaus Allion, ANT Telecom managing director, considers the millions of workers who will continue working remotely even as governments ease Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

 (photo: Sika Europe)
Jamie Squires  - 26.05.2020

The Future of Concrete Repairs

With concrete repair accounting for more than 3 per cent of the concrete market, Jamie Squires, product manager at Sika, considers the technical innovation that supports it.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Steve Teesdale  - 21.05.2020

Keeping the Air we Breathe Safer

Steve Teasdale, InnuScience co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs, explains the link between cleaning products and indoor air quality (IAQ).

 (photo: Crown Workplace)
Caroline Zampier  - 04.05.2020

Why Moss is Trending in Office Design

Caroline Zampier, Interior Designer at Crown Workspace, explains why Uber and other leading brands are adopting moss as their plant material of choice for living walls and interior office features.

 (photo: Tedward Quinn)
Steve Teesdale  - 04.05.2020

More than Merely Words

Steve Teasdale, co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs at InnuScience, explains why the distinction between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting is central to controlling COVID-19.