(photo: Pixabay)
Del Williams  - 02.02.2021

Smart Moisture Measurement in Manufacturing Facilities

As "smart" technologies migrate from consumer products to the world of manufacturing and processing, condition monitoring is increasingly being left to sensors, robots and the Industrial IoT.

 (photo: KoolShooters)
Karen Trigg  - 27.01.2021

Beyond Document Q Compliance

Karen Trigg, business development manager South East at Allegion UK, considers Document Q approval requirements for security products used in dwellings.

 (photo:  PhotoMIX Company)
Cathy Spears  - 26.01.2021

Why your Business Should Embrace HR Software

Regardless of their stage of development, most businesses can implement or tweak HR software to improve efficiencies and transparency across operations.

 (photo: Mika Baumeister)
Cathy Spears  - 18.01.2021

Tips For Risk Managers Assessing Automation Hazards

Despite allowing manufacturers to replace people with robots in high risk and hazardous processes, automation can create new and often unforeseeable work risks which need to be managed.

 (photo: Bernard Hermant)
Johan Paulsson  - 14.01.2021

Covid-19 and The Future of Physical Security

Johan Paulsson, Axis Communications CTO, highlights the smart applications that are re-shaping service delivery within the physical security industry in the post-Covid-19 environment.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Clare Snaith  - 08.01.2021

The Alternative Market for Warehouse Space

Companies with underutilised warehouse space are ignoring a potentially significant, and effort-free, revenue stream says Clare Snaith, Head of Business Development at Bis Henderson Space.

 (photo: Timcompound)
Cathy Spears  - 07.01.2021

When You Need a Trailer

A thorough needs assessment is essential for trailer or commercial vehicle selection.

 (photo: Terminix Global Holdings)
Terminix Global Holdings  - 09.12.2020

Preventing Rat Infestations this Winter

With temperatures falling, Terminix is advising households to be extra vigilant as Covid-19 restaurant and businesses closures tempt rats to seek food and shelter in homes.

 (photo: Sam Jean)
Cathy Spears  - 07.12.2020

Mitigating Waste in Public Spaces

Covid-19 concerns about food waste in public spaces and environmental concerns over single-use plastic packaging are prompting many public sector organisations to rethink environmental management.

 (photo: Anna Shvets)
Rene Buhay  - 30.11.2020

Why Video Conferencing Has Saved 2020

Rene Buhay, VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe, discusses the upsurge in video conferencing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and its impact on businesses as well as families.

 (photo: ELEVATE)
Cathy Spears  - 30.11.2020

Enhancing Warehouse Productivity

A rapid increase in home deliveries during Covid-19 lockdown is forcing many warehousing operations to re-assess their processes, capacity, and implement upgrades.

 (photo: ANT Telecom)
Chris Potts  - 24.11.2020

How You Go About Protecting Your Lone Workers

With working from home likely to remain a norm even after Covid-19, Chris Potts, ANT Telecom marketing director, considers safeguarding measures that are available to employers.

 (photo: Tima Miroshnichenko)
Dan Shields  - 24.11.2020

Managing Building Occupancy for COVID-security

Dan Shields, CEO of Building IoT management platform operator, Shields Energy, explains how realtime management of occupancy levels and indoor air quality is making facilities safer post-Covid-19.

 (photo: BOAZ ARAD)
Dan Zakai  - 18.11.2020

How Much More Will Flex Space Bend?

Dan Zakai, CEO and co-founder of Tel Aviv-based Mindspace, considers the lasting legacy of Covid-19 on the global flex space market.

 (photo: Siemens AG)
Faye Bowser  - 18.11.2020

Approaching Decarbonisation

Faye Bowser, Head of Siemens Energy Solutions, provides guidance on the measures businesses can take to decarbonise.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Cathy Spears  - 03.11.2020

The Benefits of Hard Water

An almost ubiquitous focus on the negative properties of hard water risks obscuring many proven health benefits that are associated with water with high mineral content.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Paul Lucas  - 28.10.2020

Funding Net-Zero Emissions

Paul Lucas, managing director of Artic Building Services, explains how organisations can benefit from grants available under the UK's recently announced Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS).

 (photo: August de Richelieu)
Cathy Spears  - 23.10.2020

Maintaining Your Social Life During COVID-19

Following an easing of lockdown restrictions in many countries, visiting family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic has become even more essential for physical and mental wellbeing.

 (photo: DaYsO)
Andrea Falco  - 13.10.2020

Supporting Recycling with Deposit Schemes

Andrea Falco, Head of Sales at HSM, explains why the rest of the UK will follow Scotland's decision to introduce a deposit scheme for bottles and cans in 2022 to support recycling.

 (photo: Elevate)
Steve Purvis  - 12.10.2020

A New Strategy for a New Reality

Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, presents the arguments for intelligent inventories in post-Covid-19 supply chain logistics.

 (photo: H.O. Erwin)
Keith Gallacher  - 06.10.2020

Removing Knotweed Safely

Keith Gallacher, director of Complete Weed Control Scotland, reviews the strategies and legislation used to control Japanese Knotweed infestations on construction sites.

 (photo: Mikel Letona)
Mark Newton  - 25.09.2020

Indoor CO2 Monitoring and Covid-19

Mark Newton, managing director of sensing and peripheral devices for intelligent buildings, Sontay, explains why a healthy indoor environment is essential for Covid-security.

 (photo: Akzo Nobel N.V.)
Lisa Piley  - 17.09.2020

Refresh the Office to Beat the Covid Blues

Lisa Piley, commercial colour consultant at AkzoNobel subsidiary, Dulux Trade, explains why redecorating the office can help improve the wellbeing of returning staff.

 (photo: Haven Power)
Bjoern Reinke  - 11.09.2020

Making Sense of the Numbers

Director of Data and Data Science at Haven Power, Bjoern Reinke, explains why AI and machine learning are essential for interpreting the huge volumes of data generated by commercial smart meters.

 (photo: Centurion Safety Products Ltd)
Centurion Safety Products  - 08.09.2020

When Clarity Counts

With organisations around the world reopening as Covid-19 restrictions ease, face screen manufacturer Centurion is encouraging purchasers of PPE to be extra vigilant.