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The Benefits of Hard Water

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An almost ubiquitous focus on the negative properties of hard water risks obscuring many proven health benefits that are associated with water with high mineral content.

Oftentimes, people point out the harmful effects of hard water, and for good reason. It leaves limescale deposits inside pipes, appliances, and on fixtures. Bathing in hard water is also detrimental for your skin and hair. And the side effects of having hard water flow through your plumbing system also include increased water bills.


However, very few people know that hard water actually has certain benefits. It’s far from being the devil incarnate, as it is often portrayed. Bear in mind that water hardness is caused by excess calcium and magnesium, both of which are desirable minerals for just about anyone’s diet. Drinking hard water is beneficial in many ways, and we will get to some examples right now:


Cardiovascular Health

In many large-scale studies, researchers have noted that good heart health has been directly correlated to water hardness. The large amount of calcium and magnesium found in hard water has been found to directly stimulate a person’s heart and its ability to pump blood efficiently throughout the entire body.


Possibly Prevent Cancer

A few years ago, many people thought that hard water was responsible for a large portion of cancer patients. Even though there was no clear evidence regarding the subject, a significant portion of the population avoided drinking hard water because of that.


On the contrary, many researchers now believe that hard water can be an essential element in the battle against cancer. The high magnesium concentration in hard water is effective at protecting people of all cancer types and stimulates the immune system considerably.


Making Diabetes More Tolerable

In certain areas, drinking water contains 100% or more of the recommended daily allowance about magnesium. “Why is this important in relation to diabetes?” you might wonder.


The answer is fairly simple. All channels that regulate insulin production are dependent on magnesium. Recent evidence has shown that diabetes may encourage a lackluster production of magnesium in the body. As such, the higher concentration of magnesium found in hard water may prove beneficial for diabetes sufferers.


Digestive Health and Constipation

A rich union of calcium and magnesium in hard water, in a right combination, helps to combat constipation. First of all, the calcium in hard water helps out with the removal of insoluble substances caused by bowel movement. Calcium teams up with the excess bile and resident fats to alleviate constipation and provide an overall better digestive health.


Secondly, magnesium is often used in laxatives to alleviate diarrhea and help out with stomach cramps. Along with calcium, it further helps improve digestive health.


Hard Water Is Beneficial For Plants

Plants, just like humans, require minerals to grow and flourish. Soft water has no such minerals, only sodium. The salt in softened water prevents plants from absorbing beneficial nutrients, and thus slowly kills them. Hard water, on the other hand, has the opposite effect, as it provides plants with one more source of precious minerals.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, drinking hard water brings out a significant amount of benefits. But does that mean we should ignore the downsides, such as limescale deposits, scalp calcification, and eczema? No.


To get the best of both worlds, you might consider using water descalers, such as the one found at Yarna. Unlike softeners, they don’t completely eliminate the minerals, but rather reshape their crystals to make them less sticky.


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