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Supporting the Next Generation of Facilities Managers After Retirement

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If hanging up your boots is the last thing on your mind after a successful career in facilities management, there are several ways you can put your hard-earned skills to good use, and still enjoy everything you've dreamt of in retirement.


Become A Mentor

One of the best ways you can support up-and-coming facilities managers is to mentor them or offer coaching services. You can use your expertise to review their work and see how they can improve it. You can also help them to learn about ways to deal with specific situations and how to handle the issues they may face as a facilities manager. The BCF Group's ILM Level 7 Course is a great way to learn more about becoming an executive mentor and coach, allowing you to combine these new skills with your existing facilities management knowledge and become an exceptional mentor to new members of your former industry. One of the key positives about this course is that it only requires 2 days of classroom attendance, which gives you time to do the rest of the guided learning in your business.

FMs working in the public sector will often have the opportunity to retire early which makes giving back your knowledge to the professional even easier.

Offer Consultancy Services

By working with companies who are looking to hire facilities managers or software developers creating solutions for the industry, you can help to shape the future of facilities management. Consider taking on a part-time consultancy role, or even freelancing as a consultant to help drive the industry forward towards even greater success. This role will help you to create the tools and provide the support that you, as a facilities manager, have always wanted but never been able to find during your career. After all, first-hand knowledge is incredibly valuable when crafting solutions to help in specific industries, but it is often lacking in providers. By working as a facilities management consultant, you can make a genuine difference to the sector.

Provide Training

Facilities management training is crucial for those who want to become successful in this dynamic and ever-evolving market. Work with a local training provider to help shape their courses so that you can give others the benefit of your experience. Again, you could also consider establishing your own part-time training firm and offer resources for free or at a cost, either online or at a local education centre. This will give you the chance to really shape the minds of tomorrow’s leading facilities managers.

Edit A Facilities Management Periodical

The facilities management market is constantly changing, and that means that members of this fast-paced industry have to keep themselves up to date with the latest developments. One of the main ways they achieve this is to subscribe to magazines on the subject. If you’re eager to keep sharing your knowledge of the facilities management market after you retire and want to keep your knowledge up to date at the same time, then consider editing one of these publications. You could start your own or contact an existing magazine and offer your expertise.

Start A Blog

Blogging is a quick and easy way to share information online. You can easily use a free hosting site and template to create a stylish blog that will appeal to a range of readers. You can then share information, tips and tricks on how to be a facilities manager. As your following grows, you will be able to provide even more readers with the benefit of your wisdom and knowledge. By using the comments section on your blog, you can also directly respond to queries and provide targeted support to those who need it.

Write A Book

If you’re looking to take your role as a thought-leader in the facilities management space to the next level, then you should consider writing a book. This will allow you to share your knowledge of the market and any insight you may have with an interested audience. It will also give you an enjoyable way to occupy your time as your transition from employee to retiree. Facilities management might seem like a niche that will be hard to find an interested published for, but nowadays there are a myriad of ways you can self-publish books, meaning you can quickly and easily get your insight out there for the world to see.

Being retired therefore doesn’t mean you have to stop taking an interest in facilities management but does allow you to contribute an important role in the sector's continuing development.

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