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  •  (photo: Airthings)
    News Editor  - 18.11.2020, 11:16

    IAQ and Airborne Viruses

    The addition of a Virus Risk Indicator to Airthings' IAQ and Radon monitoring platforms provides insights into the contribution of indoor air quality in spreading airborne viruses.

  •  (photo: Sergei Akulich)
    News Editor  - 17.11.2020, 22:23

    Air Quality as a Service

    Demand control ventilation platform Aircuity has launched "Air Quality as a Service" (AQaaS), an indoor air quality (IAQ) solution to helps building owners create healthy buildings that meet COVID-19 re-entry and longer term requirements for the indoor environment.

  •  (photo: ionair AG)
    News Editor  - 20.10.2020, 10:40

    Clearing the Air

    SSE Enterprise’s distributed energy business is set to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in mechanically ventilated buildings by utilising bipolar ionisation.

  • Evotech directors, Mark O'Grady and John Lumb. (photo: Evotech Ltd)
    News Editor  - 13.10.2020, 12:28

    Addressing Workplace IAQ

    UK mechanical and electrical (M&E) contractor Evotech has launched Evotech Air Quality, a new division dedicated to tackling poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in workplaces.

  • Wireless tower. (photo: )
    Gary Bradshaw  - 22.09.2020, 16:37

    Protecting Research Facilities with Wireless Remote Monitoring

    Omniflex director Gary Bradshaw explains the benefits of wirelessly operated remote temperature monitoring systems for research facilities and laboratories.

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    News Editor  - 21.09.2020, 12:23

    Smart Sensor Wins BCIA Award

    Sontay's Smart Sensor for intelligent building applications has been selected for a "Technical Innovation of the Year" prize at this year's virtual Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) awards

  •  (photo: James Gathany)
    FM Editor  - 07.04.2020, 15:22

    Mitigating COVID-19's Impact on the Built Environment

    Demand control ventilation platform, Aircuity, is working with its global indoor environmental quality (IEQ) partners to support particulate measurement, humidity control, filtration, and continuous diagnostic assessment as part of the battle against COVID-19.

  • Main campus, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania. (photo: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)
    FM Editor  - 03.04.2020, 15:35

    Demand Control Ventilation at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

    Following a recent upgrade of its demand control ventilation (DCV) platform, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is monitoring energy savings in real-time.


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    Neal Langerman  - 12.06.2020, 16:34

    Sanitising Your Business Against Covid-19

    Neal Langerman, PhD, a freelance chemist with Kolabtree, discovers significant omissions in UK government guidelines for businesses reopening premises after Covid-19 lockdown.

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  •  (photo: Tima Miroshnichenko)
    Dan Shields  - 24.11.2020, 08:54

    Managing Building Occupancy for COVID-security

    Dan Shields, CEO of Building IoT management platform operator, Shields Energy, explains how realtime management of occupancy levels and indoor air quality is making facilities safer post-Covid-19.

  •  (photo: Karolina Grabowska)
    Steve Teesdale  - 12.06.2020, 14:43

    Why You Really Need to Know Your Disinfectants

    Steve Teasdale, InnuScience co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs, explains why recognising differences between bactericides, virucides and fungicides is essential for COVID-Security.

  •  (photo: Pixabay)
    Steve Teesdale  - 21.05.2020, 13:37

    Keeping the Air we Breathe Safer

    Steve Teasdale, InnuScience co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs, explains the link between cleaning products and indoor air quality (IAQ).

  •  (photo: Crown Workplace)
    Caroline Zampier  - 04.05.2020, 18:37

    Why Moss is Trending in Office Design

    Caroline Zampier, Interior Designer at Crown Workspace, explains why Uber and other leading brands are adopting moss as their plant material of choice for living walls and interior office features.

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