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Tips for Digital Marketers in 2020

United Kingdom
Cathy Spears explains why modern businesses require a clearly defined digital marketing strategy, and at how leading brands use content marketing to reach a targeted audience.


Nowadays, any modern business requires a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. Any successful business model has one and it needs to be as up to date as possible to stay on top of trends that will help your website to perform to the best of its ability.


Whether you need a digital marketing agency Birmingham based, Manchester centred or London focused, there are plenty of choices around for advice.


Rich snippets


This would be the first thing to recommend when it comes to search engine marketing or SEO. In the last couple of years, rich snippets have become more prevalent. They are much more eye-catching and for this reason, lead to a much higher click-through rate (CTR).


They are essentially focused on providing information to the reader, so the more useful they are the better. They are usually based around reviews, recipes, events or answering the most searched for questions relating to your business.


Voice search 

Everybody knows what an Amazon Echo or Google Home is these days and it seems impossible to imagine a world without them now. We ask them to play certain types of music for us, to connect with our other devices and answer our questions about everything from what the date is to giving us recipes for dinner.


So, it is no surprise then to learn that voice search is only going to continue to grow in 2020, with a predicted 70 million households owning one of these devices by 2022. Therefore, businesses must update their content for voice search.


Interactive content 

More and more people are demanding more from the content they see online from brands. Content is so widespread nowadays that they are looking for something different that stands out from the crowd.


For this reason, everything from shoppable content to augmented reality and virtual reality, 360-degree videos and content which requires their input will be huge in 2020.


Influencer marketing 

Influencers are often more effective than celebrities these days in endorsing your products and services as a brand. They connect with the audience more and have avid followers who go onto social media daily to check in with what their favourites are up to.


Therefore, the influencer market is still growing and will continue to do so in the next year. It is even evolving and has become more niche over the last 12 months, as ‘micro-influencers’ have started to emerge as the latest trend for more targeted marketing.


Website user experience 

It is not simply, however, a case of what you put on your web pages that is important for your consumers. The user’s overall experience is becoming more and more crucial to your site’s success.


Site speed and security, for example, are two things that not only have a large impact on your search rankings, but they are also huge turn-offs for consumers if not performing well. Think about how off-putting it is to wait for a page to load or see that a site is marked as unsafe, it would make them jump off your site straightaway.


Therefore, you want to retain as many customers as you can by taking care over these elements of your site and improving them where you can.



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