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  •  (photo: Graham Carlow)
    Jaimie Woodhall  - 22.11.2019, 12:22

    Keeping Ventilation Compliant this Christmas

    Jamie Woodhall, Technical & Innovations Manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, takes a close look at the Building Engineering Services Association's (BESA) TR19 standard for duct, kitchen extract, and air handling cleaning.

  • Where HEPA filters in airplanes clean the air throughout the entire plane cabin, in hand dryers they will not contribute to the creation of a hygienic washroom environment. (photo: )
    Neil Butler  - 26.09.2019, 14:49

    HEPA Filters and Hand Dryers

    Neil Butler, business development manager within Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.'s Automation Systems Division, asks whether there are any real advantage to equipping hand dryers with HEPA air filters.

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  •  (photo: Jakob)
    Louise Hosking  - 16.07.2019, 15:58

    Recognising the Dangers of Dust

    Louise Hosking considers the impact of dust on the wellness of employees and other building users, and calls for governments to introduce new protective measures.

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