3Form's state-of-the-art staff gym at the company's Salt Lake City campus in Utah.  (photo: 3Form, Inc.)
3Form's state-of-the-art staff gym at the company's Salt Lake City campus in Utah.
05.12.2018, 09:48

Office Gym Leads to Free Healthcare for Utah Workers

3form staff to receive free healthcare for the month of December as a result of innovative employee healthcare policy.

3Form's state-of-the-art staff gym at the company's Salt Lake City campus in Utah.
3Form's state-of-the-art staff gym at the company's Salt Lake City campus in Utah. © 3Form, Inc.
As healthcare costs continue to be a major issue for Americans, many are left asking themselves how to improve the country’s healthcare system and its economic toll on families. 3form, the award-winning materials manufacturer located in Salt Lake City, Utah, may have found a way to do just that.


Five years ago, 3form embarked on an unique healthcare experiment within their company. First, they built a 14,500 square foot, state of the art gym on their Salt Lake City campus for their employees using their own sustainable building materials. Next, they instituted a new policy: Employees who used the gym and complied with a set of health metrics would qualify for discounts on their monthly healthcare payments. And this month, the experiment has come full circle. Thanks to their innovative program, 3form has saved so much money on healthcare costs that they’re able to offer December coverage to their employees free of charge (a savings of more than 8% for workers).


What started as a simple experiment in employee wellness has become a company-wide savings opportunity just in time for the holidays.


Beyond a gym, 3form also provides their employees with an onsite doctors office that offers employees convenient medical appointments as well as things like blood tests and medication refills. Services also include follow up care and counseling provided by health coaches either in-person or by phone between office visits.


“The clinic helped my wife and I identify some concerns we would have put off if not for the ease and convenience of having the benefit of an on-site clinic and such great healthcare coverage,” explains Chris Scherzer, a project manager at 3form. “It helped us identify and address potential health issues before becoming out of control.”


3form’s new healthcare policies have resulted in financial benefits for the company as well. Following the introduction of the program, the company will not experience an increase in overall healthcare coverage costs for 2019 (which is all the more significant, given that the increase for 2018 was only 3 per cent compared to the national U.S. average increase of between 10 and 12 per cent).  In turn, this means employee families can typically save $60 or more every month on top of the large savings already announced for December.


Looking ahead to 2019, 3form executives expect to see the success of their unique healthcare program continue to grow.

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