(Photography by Dennis Bos). (photo: Dennis Bos)
(Photography by Dennis Bos).
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Pardon Our Dust!

Commercial remodeling (renovation) projects are often a catalyst for a wider range of business improvement processes, according to Steve Fountaine who is the President of specialist Washington DC and Sterling VA-based building contractor, Premiere Works.

Commercial remodeling (renovation) projects are often a catalyst for a wider range of business improvement processes, according to Steve Fountaine who is the President of specialist Washington DC and Sterling VA-based building contractor, Premiere Works. 




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Signs requesting users of commercial buildings to bear with the temporary chaos or inconvenience of remodelling (renovation) work, often detract from the reasons it is commissioned in the first place.


For remodelling (as defined by the Dictionary of Construction), means “making alterations to an existing structure such that it will be better suited to current needs” - and extends to facilitating business improvements to support a company's future development across functional areas.


Remodeling for Increased Productivity

Environment can help or hinder people in their work, with recent studies attributing increases in worker productivity of up to 18 per cent to changes that are as simple as installing new lighting. 


Unfortunately, many business interiors were not designed with efficiency or productivity in mind. In fact, inefficient workplaces are so commonplace that in a survey of 200 top decision-makers of small to large companies, 90 percent said that improving interior design could improve productivity, and the majority ranked improving design as a top way to make a company more productive. In fact, top executives estimate that redesigning a work space can boost company performance by nearly 22 per cent.


Branding Through Remodeling

The visual impact of commercial premises on visitors matters greatly as first impressions remain engrained even when the mind is presented with more positive information about a company.


Take a look at your current space — not the way you always look at it, but as though you were a potential customer visiting your business for the first time. Does what you see live up to your brand? If not, it may be time to consider a remodel.


Improving Usable Space

Your company is dynamic, and has changing needs. So it makes sense that there may come a time when your existing facility is no longer adequate. You may have added to your workforce, or have changed your retail product offerings, or you want to appeal to a different demographic.


Sometimes moving your business is the only sensible option. But perhaps you are locked in a lease, or feel like you’re already occupying the ideal location — if only the space could be made to suit your needs better. Good news: A remodel just might be the ticket. A good designer can work wonders!


Remodeling Your Way to Higher ROI

Residential remodels are all about preferences and whim. In a business, though, ROI is king. Here are a few things to consider before committing to a new design:


  • Speed of installation — It’s inevitable: A remodel means your business will be temporarily operating in a construction zone. The faster the project moves forward, the lesser the impact on your profitability, and the sooner you and your customers will enjoy the benefits. Be sure to choose a reliable contractor with a good track record of timely project completion.

  • Materials choices — You expect your remodel to deliver value, but value doesn’t always mean choosing the least expensive option. Talk to your contractor about choosing materials that are both durable and cost-effective.

  • Energy efficiency You may be remodeling for aesthetic or productivity reasons, but why not use the opportunity to lower your monthly expenditures as well? A remodel is the ideal time to assess your space for energy use, and make appropriate improvements to boost efficiency and lower your utility bills.


Communication is Key

One last thing to keep in mind when considering remodeling your business space: If you thought coordinating with your spouse to re-do your kitchen was challenging, don’t expect this to be any easier. Many commercial remodels involve multiple parties. You may have to coordinate between landlord, property manager and tenant, each having their preferences and priorities. And don’t forget the needs of your customers! 


Needless to say, a delicate balancing act is required. Here is where an experienced contractor with good communication skills can be invaluable. He or she can help you navigate all the issues to come up with a plan that suits everyone’s needs — and sets the stage for better business all around.



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