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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Dynamic office design

    Claude Bérubé, Professor of Interior Design at the American University of Sharjah, Discusses the latest trends in office design.

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    FSI (Solutions) Ltd ,  Jim Mitchell  - 30.11.2005, 19:17

    CAFM: The Missing Link

    Jim Mitchell, managing director of FSI (FM Solutions), argues computer aided facilities management (CAFM) has an important part to play in the development of the Gulf region's facilities management market.

FM Magazine

  • Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Beyond the green line

    Arthur Millwood from Emirates Glass discusses solar heat gain, light transmission and thermal insulation.

  • Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Bill busters

    ServeU’s take on the added value an FM company brings to energy management.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Walls of wisdom

    Intelligent Homes and Opus discuss how property developers can benefit from home automation as a turnkey solution.

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) (photo: )
    FM Magazine  - 18.03.2005, 11:56

    Mind over Matter

    FM Magazine (GCC Edition) spoke with Bill Heath, managing director of Mace Macro which has been making significant inroads into the Middle East since leveraging Mace's position to launch an FM division in 2002.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Vertical circulation

    FM Magazine – GCC Edition caught up with Jay A. Popp, the Asia pacific - Middle East Executive vice president of Lerch Bates and Associates, Inc. elevator consulting group to discuss the affect that maintenance of the lift and escalator systems impacts the

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Through the looking-glass

    There are many innovative ways of conserving energy in a building. FM Magazine interrogates K.T. Govindarajan, general manager at V-Kool Emirates, over claims his company is making about the patented IQue flat glass film system

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Raising the bar

    Richard Cowl for Jotun Powder Coatings on epoxy coatings as an anti-corrosion solution.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Outside looking in

    Duncan Waddell, managing director of FM Intelligence critically assesses the UAE property and FM markets.

  • CLEAN SWEEP: it is imperative that service specifications are adequately defined in SLAs (photo: )
    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    On the level

    Drake & Scull's Scott Wilson discusses service level agreements (SLAs).

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    FM Magazine  - 01.05.2005, 11:54

    Tour de Force

    MAF Dalkia is leveraging its energy management expertise in its FM services offering, says CEO Dr. Hayan Sayed in an interview with FM Magazine.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    More to floors

    André Dulka from Armstrong Floor Products discusses the maintenance and operating costs of flooring solutions.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Managing properly

    Asteco explains the distinction between the terms, "property management", "asset management" and "facilities management" as they are used in the GCC.

  • Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Desert flower

    Pacific Controls pioneers Dubai’s first green building initiative.

  • Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Daly Delivery

    IDAMA’s Billy Daly discusses how the FM division of Dubai Holding was born, it’s structure and where it’s heading.

  • Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Built to last

    Paul Lowndes, Managing Director of Degussa Specialty Chemicals, on what role chemicals can play in increasing the lifecycles of structures.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Sustain and gain

    Walton Dunlop from Dunlop Design Engineering and Arpal Gulf's John Gavigan discuss the environmental and financial benefits of industrial wastewater management systems.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Peer pressure

    Dr. Ravi Chinta (Assistant Professor of Management) and Dr. Mohammed Ashraf Ali (Assistant Professor of Electronics Engineering) present findings from their benchmarking of American University of Sharjah (AUS) facilities.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.01.2013, 19:17

    Living in a material world

    Dubai Municipality is stepping up efforts to ensure materials meet specifications. Dubai Central Laboratory's Ali Ahmed Elian argues that consultants should take the driving seat.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.09.2007, 19:17

    Clearing the air

    Ron Vallort, global President of ASHRAE, talks about how the future of mankind depends on refrigeration.

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    Staff Reporter  - 09.06.2007, 19:17

    Down the Hudson

    An interview with Ken Hudson of MAB Properties.

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    FM Magazine  - 14.02.2006, 19:17

    Absolutely smart RFID

    To understand why radio frequency identification (RFID) systems are being used on the Dubai International Airport extension project, FM magazine caught up with Cliff Wilson, Senior Commercial Manager of Thermo, and Michael Jamieson from Absolute.

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    FM Magazine  - 14.02.2006, 19:17

    All Rêved Up

    FM Magazine spoke with MAF Dalkia Middle East CEO Christophe Ploux and Arabtec project marketing director, Andrew Lemon, about the luxury Le Rêve Dubai development which has been introduced as the ultimate in modern luxury living.

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    FM Magazine  - 06.02.2006, 19:17

    A class apart

    Transforming a newly arrived low-skilled worker from the sub-continent into an efficient customer-friendly cleaner, security guard or maintenance technician is no easy task. Jeremy Martin, Quality and Training Manager for Farnek Services, tells FM Magazine how he does it.

  • (Photography by Derek Jones). (photo: Derek Jones)
    Melissa-Kate Ashwell ,  Serco Group Plc  - 09.01.2006, 19:17

    Playing it safe

    Health and safety is an essential element of any business practice, and particularly so in the labour-intensive facilities management industry, writes Serco Gulf's Melissa-Kate Ashwell.

  • FEELING GREEN?: residents’ representatives are in talks with Emaar over service charge rates. (photo: )
    FM Magazine  - 31.12.2005, 13:32

    All Charged Up

    Although Emaar Properties has set the pace for property development in the Middle East, it has encountered hurdles on the way. FM Magazine met separately with Emaar corporate representatives and Emaar homeowners to get to the bottom of the much-hyped service charge issue.

  • FM Magazine  - 16.11.2005, 17:52

    Sustain and Gain (Duplicate)

    FM Magazine met with Lindsey Parnell, President and CEO (Europe) of Interface to discuss how the company is leading a worldwide war on waste.

  • FM Magazine  - 20.10.2005, 19:17

    Go one better

    In conjunction with MBI Ltd, Dubai’s Better Homes Properties has established a dedicated facilities management company. FM Magazine talks to the senior management of the new entity about how and why they set up.

  •  (photo: Dubai Golf Course)
    FM Magazine  - 14.10.2005, 19:17

    Anyone for tee?

    Having a sub-zero handicap doesn’t qualify you to design golf courses. Peter Harradine, Managing Director of Orient Irrigation Services and Golf Course Architect, tells FM Magazine what you need and what you need to avoid.

  • Photography by Moto Miwa. (photo: Moto Miwa)
    FM Magazine  - 18.08.2005, 19:17

    Sky's the Limit

    Zack Zainal, Emirates Senior Security Manager of Training and Facilities, discusses the scope of Transguard Group’s activities with FM Magazine's Ayman Dunseath.

  • (Photography by Hoffer Krisztian). (photo: Hoffer Krisztian)
    FM Magazine  - 14.08.2005, 19:17

    Flowering Ambition

    Jeremy Hodgson, managing director of Dubai-based Desert Turfcare, discusses water management and green waste recycling in sustainable landscape maintenance.

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    FM Magazine  - 10.08.2005, 19:17

    Pay me now or pay me later

    As chairman and chief executive officer of American Standard Companies, Frederic Poses has a lot of business to take care of. FM Magazine asks him how one of its firms, Trane Air Conditioning, is gearing up for the introduction next year of new energy efficiency standards in the United States.

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    FM Magazine  - 09.08.2005, 19:17

    A view from above

    Mohammed Bukrash, assistant director general of Dubai Municipality, explains how architecture is being used to preserve the Emirate's traditional cultural values and heritage.

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    FM Magazine  - 23.07.2005, 19:17

    Polishing Qatar's pearl

    FM Magazine traveled to Doha to speak with David Cannon, General Manager of Operations for the Pearl-Qatar project.

  • VISIONARY: all central air conditioners manufactured in the US after January 23, 2006
must meet the new federal minimum 13 SEER rating. (photo: )
    FM Magazine  - 17.06.2005, 19:17

    SEERious business

    FM Magazine discusses the introduction of higher energy efficiency SEER legislation for the HVAC industry in the United States with Group Vice-President of Emerson Climate Technologies, Dick Schul.

  • FM Magazine  - 01.06.2005, 19:17

    In the Beginning

    Scott Wilson, managing director of Drake & Scull FM elaborates on the merits of bringing building operators and developers together at the design phase of a project.

  •  (photo: Hunter Douglas)
    FM Magazine  - 01.06.2005, 10:14

    Blind faith

    FM Magazine spoke with Jean Chemali, Manager of Window Covering Products for Hunter Douglas Middle East, about the company's innovative solar shading systems.

Best Practice

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    Staff Reporter  - 12.10.2006, 19:17

    Art of space management

    CitySpace's Jon Steiner discusses flexible workspace planning.

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    Richard Neale  - 16.11.2005, 19:17

    Out to dry

    Richard Neale from the United Kingdom-based Laundry Technology Centre discusses advances in textile washing for the hotel, catering and hospital sectors.

  •  (photo: Emirates NBC Bank)
    Staff Reporter  - 09.06.2005, 19:17

    Banking on FM

    Keeping a 20-storey bank alive and well is no small feat. FM Magazine talks to BK Gulf’s Frank Webster, Facilities Manager for the headquarters of the National Bank of Dubai, about the task at hand.

  • Kelvin Bruce  - 07.06.2005, 19:17

    Breath of fresh air

    Kelvin Bruce, managing director of EPSCO, highlights the vital link between cleanliness of air conditioning systems and indoor air quality.

  • Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA)  - 13.04.2005, 18:39

    Making IT Work

    The Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) and Aconix discuss groundbreaking research into facility information management (FIM) practices.

  • Scott Wilson  - 27.02.2005, 18:34

    In the Beginning

    Scott Wilson, managing director of Dubai-based Drake & Scull FM elaborates on the merits of bringing building operators and developers together at the design phase of a project.


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