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16 September Deadline for CIPRE Abstract Submissions

The Advisory Committee to Europe's leading critical infrastructure and information security (and FM Industry / FM Magazine partner) event Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe [CIPRE], has issued a final call for 200-word abstracts of proposed conference presentations. Don't forget your say!



Abstract Submittal Deadline - 16th September 2016
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The Advisory Committee is currently inviting abstracts for consideration for the 2017 conference programme.


If you are interested in presenting at Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe and have an interesting paper within the topic guidelines below, you are invited to submit your abstract for consideration by the conference committee by submitting an abstract of approx 200 words.

Attacks on critical infrastructure sites are now a fact of life not simply a potential threat. Power stations, chemical plants, nuclear facilities are routinely targeted by cyber-attacks, the most successful so far being the Ukraine power outage that caused 225,000 customers to lose electricity. Last year an activist landed a UAV carrying small traces of radiation on the roof of the Japanese Premier’s office and this year a UAV collided with a aircraft at London’s Heathrow airport. And of course the terrible attacks on the metro and airport in Brussels. This is just the start of what we can expect to be the repeated targeting of our critical infrastructure. The potential effects not only in terms of loss of life but also in terms of damage to infrastructure, economic disruption and costs, can be enormous.

Once again widespread flooding across Europe in 2015 caused even bigger outages of power and for longer periods than cyber-attacks and the damage to lives, property and businesses was larger still, emphasising the need for planning and preparation on European scale.

We must be prepared!

Conference Programme Topic Guidelines will include but not be limited to:


Critical Infrastructure Protection

- Securing Waterside and Maritime Infrastructure – Oil & Gas Refineries, LNG, Ports, Power Stations
- Ariel Assets – What’s the Future? – Fixed Wing, Rotor Craft, UAV’s, Satellites
- Perimeter Security – Do long perimeters mean weak security?
- Flooding – Prevention is better than the cure, but we also need the cure!
- Planning for Disaster – Risk Management and Resilience
- Surveillance Systems – Managing Multiple Systems
- Human Assets – Selection, Training, Motivation
- Critical Communications
- Emerging Threats, Identification and Management
- Security and Resilience in Design
- Modelling, Simulation and Metrics
- Standardisation for Improving CIP Solutions
- CNI Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
- The Human Factor – Operator Protection
- Energy Infrastructure Security
- Transport Infrastructure Security
- Telecomms Infrastructure Security
- International and National Agency Co-operation
- Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordination
- Identity Management & Access Control
- Information exchange and interoperability

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Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

- Cyber security aspects on critical infrastructures (e.g. energy, telcos, transport, banks, health)
- CIIP Policy
- Cyber security strategies
- Alerting systems and information exchange platforms for cross-border NIS cooperation
- Integrated situational awareness; Data collection, abstraction, visualisation
- Governance models, practices and escalation procedures for cyber crisis management
- International NIS cooperation for incident management and response
- Legal aspects of NIS cooperation and information sharing
- Industrial Control Systems / SCADA security / ICS-CERT
- Incident reporting
- Information sharing
- Public Private co-operation
- Critical applications security
- Cloud security



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Leading the debate for securing Europe's critical infrastructure

Hosted by the The Municipality of The Hague and supported by The Hague Security Delta, International Association of CIP Professionals, National Security & Resilience Consortium and Security Partners Forum, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe will bring together leading stakeholders from industry, operators, agencies and governments to debate and collaborate on securing Europe’s critical infrastructure. The conference will look at developing existing national or international legal and technical frameworks, integrating good risk management, strategic planning and implementation.

Abstract Submittal Deadline - 16th September 2016
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We look forward to welcoming you on the 9th-11th May 2017 for the next gathering of the CIP and CIIP industry, where you can meet with international colleagues and counterparts for excellent information sharing and networking opportunities.


Keep up to date: You can follow developments and keep up to date by joining us at Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience.

“Although the EC Directive has helped in ‘assessing the need to improve the protection of European critical infrastructures’ in the transport and energy sectors, there is no indication that it has actually improved security in these sectors.”

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