(Photography by Dave di Biase).                    (photo: Dave di Biase)
(Photography by Dave di Biase).
16.08.2016, 22:22

New ‘Corporate Coworking' Initiative

Author: OpenWork Agency

Coworking agency OpenWork today announced the launch of a new advisory service, Corporate Coworking, which assists companies in incorporating the flow and mobility of coworking into their workplace strategy.

Coworking agency OpenWork has announced the launch of its new advisory service, Corporate Coworking, which assists companies in incorporating the flow and mobility of coworking into their workplace strategy.


Founded by coworking industry veterans Drew Jones PhD and David Walker, OpenWork’s new offering is the first formal effort to introduce coworking to facilities managers and human resource managers inside large firms.


As companies learn more about the coworking movement, they increasingly have a choice: Do they embrace coworking by sponsoring some of their employees to become members of external coworking spaces, or do they build a coworking space on their own campus?


The advisory service aims to help companies attract and retain young, Millennial talent, and to empower them to work according to their own rhythms.


“We look beyond what many corporate offices around the world are doing, like simply building open design spaces without integrating a coworking culture,” says David Walker, Partner at OpenWork and co-founder of Conjunctured Coworking in Austin, one of the first coworking spaces in the world. “Our corporate coworking strategy framework helps clients determine how to best leverage the dynamic coworking model for their specific business and industry.”


The first step in the process is to take the Corporate Coworking Survey, which gauges how knowledgeable and ready for coworking the employees of a given firm are. Employee engagement and satisfaction metrics are used in conjunction with the survey to guide client companies through the transition process.


Studies have shown how the creation of coworking environments can greatly increase employee engagement, productivity, and innovation. According to a 2014 Gallup poll study, less than one-third (31.5 per cent) of U.S. workers were actively engaged in their work, meaning over half of American employees were not psychologically committed to making positive contributions to their organizations. These figures, according to Gallup, have only declined.

“We want to be tour guides, and provide a roadmap for helping companies go from the past (industrial) model of work to the future (sharing economy) model of work,” explains Drew Jones, management professor, author, and former partner and co-owner at Conjunctured in Austin.

OpenWork has released two new white papers sharing strategic insights into the evolving corporate workplace: 1) Why Companies Need Coworking 2) Unlocking the Organization for Greater Innovation: The Role of the Community Manager. Both white papers are available to download on their website.

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