(Photography by Justin Galloway). (photo: Justin Galloway)
(Photography by Justin Galloway).
08.08.2016, 17:21

New Certification, New Guarantee

Author: Stonhard (UK) Ltd

Stonhard (UK) has received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food and beverage production management system accreditation for its market-leading high performance seamless flooring systems.

Stonhard (UK) Ltd, manufacturer and installer of high-quality industrial flooring, has been producing hygienic, slip-resistant and long-lasting surfaces for 25 years in the UK and over 90 years worldwide. Their expertise and performance has just become even more superior as they have achieved HACCP (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points) accreditation. The new HACCP International certification provides additional peace of mind for their food and beverage clients on top of existing CHAS and OHSAS 18001 certifications.


To ensure optimal sanitary conditions, Stonhard floors are seamless, without any joints or cracks for dirt and bacteria to become trapped. They are simple to maintain and because the floors have a textured surface, the risk of employee slip and fall incidents is significantly reduced. With the addition of an optional, anti-microbial agent, floors benefit from a permanent shield against a wide range of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi. Because they become a permanent part of the building, Stonhard floors are sustainable and offer a long-term return on investment by eliminating the need for costly repairs and disruption to work flow.


Thanks to HACCP certification, companies choosing to install Stonhard flooring can rest assured that their flooring is safe for food preparation, packaging and all other types of food processing, as well as preventing possible biological, chemical and physical hazards.


Stonhard’s desire to install the perfect floor for the right environment is paramount to how they work. Chris Kealy, Managing Director of Stonhard (UK) Ltd comments: “Each month, we install over 500,000 square metres of flooring worldwide, many of which are for clients within the food and beverage industry. I’m very pleased that we’ve achieved the HACCP qualification for our Stonclad GS, Stonshield HRI, Stonclad UT, Stonclad HT and Stonshield UTS and Stonclad UR with Stonkote HT4 flooring systems. It’s a recognition that Stonhard products are top quality. Our attention to detail is one of the reasons our flooring materials and fittings are so popular and well recognised within the food and beverage industry. Our seamless floors that are thermal shock resistant, impact and abrasion resistant and easy to clean, highly suitable for food and beverage processing environments,” concludes Chris Kealy.


Each Stonhard floor system sold is backed by a single source warranty that covers both product manufacture and installation and guarantees complete customer satisfaction. The HACCP accreditation guarantees a first-class safety performance from Stonhard’s products, ensuring that where hazards can be prevented they will be, encouraging a peace of mind for all of their clients.


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