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Even More Intelligent Fuel Management

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Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial fuelling specialist, is pleased to announce it has introduced the biggest changes to its real time fuel management reporting system in a decade, to allow customers access to more comprehensive information and better reporting tools from today.

Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial fuelling specialist, is pleased to announce it has introduced the biggest changes to its real time fuel management reporting system in a decade, to allow customers access to more comprehensive information and better reporting tools from today.

Existing Fuel Management customers will receive the upgrade without charge and be greeted by the following login message: “The current web portal & fuel management dashboard you are about to access has an updated version. This will be going live in parallel to your existing dashboard (This means your fuelling data will be “Mirrored” on both sites) from Monday the 4th July 2016.”

To access this site and see the differences & get a feel for it, please click the alternative link and log in with your existing USERNAME & PASSWORD.”


The upgraded system boasts a plethora of new features, including: 

  • Instant Comparison of fuel purchase prices
  • Instant Analyses of Vehicle Utilisation
  • Instant Group performance analysis
  • Live, Year-on-Year fuel trending analysis
  • Reorder, Critical and Exhausted Stock Prediction
  • Direct Links to Fuel Performance information
  • Live System Management prompts
  • Context sensitive user assistance
  • CO2 Emissions and Offset Analysis tool
  • Live, easy to use Quickview Dashboard
  • PC, Tablet, Phone responsive web site
  • Fuel and System Management KPI’s



The Fuelling web site has been deigned to be as simple to use as possible. Information is presented in a clear format so that even first time users can understand how to use the system with little or no training - certainly for day to day operation. The Jigsaw system has a bright, clear design with data easily accessible with as few mouse clicks as possible.

Up to the minute Fuelling Data is presented as it arrives with no polling delays seen on other systems claiming to have “Real Time” operation. All fuelling data is immediately viewable through the web service displayed in context of the relevant site, person, or vehicle, greatly reducing the need to generate reports. The new Vision page gives the user a clear overview of fleet efficiency, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, fuel price trends etc. with more analysis tools being added as they are developed.


Quickview Page

The QuickView page highlights any immediate problems on any site. Issues reported here are typically low stock warnings, disabled pumps, attempted use of locked out tags etc. This page is especially useful when a large number of sites are being managed. A new innovation here has system generated prompts which help the user manage the system. For example, a tank gauge may have detected a stock delivery, but the user hasn’t yet entered the details, the system will prompt the user to add the details.


Sites Page 

The Sites Page gives the user a clear view of the status of each tank and each pump on any site. On each site page, the fuelling’s for that site are updated in real time, updating tank stocks and pump throughputs. Fuelling transactions, stock figures, pump totalisers and other information are all current values, as data is communicated as it happens, not just when polling is initiated. System User and site details are entered and managed through this page, as are alarm contact details. These define who (if anyone) will get automated messages when system alarms are raised. This would typically be an e-mail sent directly to your fuel suppliers for a quote on a delivery.


Tank Stock Analysis Tool

The Tank analysis tool is accessible from either the Quickview or Sites page so that any issues may be identified quickly. All tank parameters are listed, and a graph of tank stock displayed. The tool really comes in to its own when a Tank Gauge is fitted so that there is a direct comparison between book stock and gauge stock. Short deliveries, fuel theft from tanks, over or under delivering pumps are all easily and quickly identified from one graph. This tool also shows the estimated time to Re-order level, time to Critical level and time to Tank Empty.


Vehicle Driver Management Pages

The Vehicle and Driver Pages allow the details of Vehicles and Drivers to be input and changed. These screens also show the latest fuelling’s which involved the Vehicle or Driver. The big advantage of being web based is that vehicles and driver details or access protocols can be changed from any web enabled PC or phone at any time. It should be noted that, unlike other systems, vehicle details are not held on the tag, the tag is assigned to the vehicle making tag issuing, and replacing lost tags very straightforward.



The Real Time data display greatly reduces the need for reports to be generated and circulated as all your data is accessible all the time. If Circulated Reports are required, Jigsaw provide a comprehensive suite of reports already for use on the system - no complicated configuration, just the information you need already formatted. If specialised reports ARE required, then Jigsaw are happy to produce them and add them to the general list of reports available to all users.  

For the production of regular reports, the system may be configured to run a user configured report template at set intervals (every day, one day a week or monthly), the resulting report being e-mailed directly to your inbox. Reports may be generated in XL, Word or PDF format


Jigsaw Vision Page

A new innovation on the Jigsaw system is the Vision Tab. This gives the system operator the tools to manage large amounts of data simply. For example, our vehicle efficiency tool simply identifies the performance of each group of vehicles, quickly identifying any which are operating away from the norm. Year on Year fuel usage shows trends and cycles in the amount of fuel used, allowing informed decisions to be made on stock holdings.

CO2 emissions are calculated and shown as emission equivalents to other common CO2 sources such as landfill, households or power stations, and what measures may be taken to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Additional tools are also available and best demonstrated directly. Where applicable, each of these displays a KPI-type statistic revealing potential areas for performance improvement.




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