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20.06.2016, 21:28

New Energy Management Solutions for Facility Managers

Global UPS and power conditioning technology specialist AMETEK Powervar announces the wide release of its facility management services (FMS) energy management solutions today.

AMETEK Powervar, one of the most respected providers of UPS and power conditioning technology in the world, is proud to officially announce the wide release of its facility management services (FMS) energy management solutions.

The Atlas FA and LT products track the energy draw coming from the UPS and every single plugged-in system from all corporate or franchise locations. The Latitude FMD dashboard enables you to monitor, automate and analyze everything remotely via one easy-to-use interface, making it simple to parse through the noise to deliver clear, actionable insights. Powervar's FMS solutions also enable you to remotely monitor & control other systems (HVAC, coolers, etc.) and see if equipment is degrading, making cost-effective preventative maintenance a reality.

FMS expands upon the power conditioning and power quality which Powervar has offered its customers for over 30 years. With FMS in place, not only can companies ensure that all equipment is receiving high-quality power, but also the type of power coming in and how much is being used. FMS branches out from the UPS, providing additional analysis and oversight to enable benchmarking on product type, location, time and dozens of other variables.

"Powervar's FMS solutions enable any business to take a 'whole building' approach to facilities management," said Ben Shipley, Sales and Marketing Manager at Powervar. "FMS goes above and beyond submetering devices, enabling organizations to have both a granular view of specific equipment in a particular facility while also having company-wide insights. The contextualization and remote remediation functionality of FMS is second to none."

With the granular oversight provided by FMS, organizations can expect to significantly reduce expenditures and help keep operations running smoothly at all times. FMS customers have seen a 25 percent drop in energy costs and a 40 percent reduction in service calls thanks to this line of Powervar solutions.

The FMS product line is built to support the needs of many industries; from retail and industrial to medical labs, convenience stores and restaurants. Any organization that is concerned about their energy usage per square foot and requires power conditioning will see immediate dividends from FMS.

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