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16.03.2016, 01:25

New Personal Trainer App for Standing Desk Users

The TableAir app is designed to facilitate the transition from seated workspaces to standing desks or tables.

The new TableAir app is designed to facilitate the transition for employees from seated workspaces to standing desks and tables, and also benefits advanced users by creating an optimal sit-to-stand schedule.

Compatible with any standing desk or table on the market, the app suggests optimal sitting and standing intervals based on data from various case-studies and the recommendations of ergonomics experts.

The user first defines his or her usual working hours and indicates any previous experience with standing desks or tables. Subsequently, at the start of each workday, the user selects a starting posture and launches a personalised training programme.

Mobile phone and Apple Watch notifications are sent whenever a change of posture is advisable - with a new sitting or standing session data recorded immediately.

Optional infographic capabilities allow users to visualise their progress and compare actual data against that suggested in their daily programme.

Recommended standing time increases gradually, allowing a user to make an easier switch to a standing desk or table - with an in-app tracker also calculating how many additional calories are burnt as a result of standing.

“One of the main misconceptions about switching to a standing desk or table is thinking that you need to stand all day. It’s not a simple transition and it usually takes time to start feeling comfortable when standing for long periods of time,” says Lukas Lukosevicius, CEO at TableAir. “Many people do not undergo a proper transition and experience back, shoulder or foot pain as a consequence - whereas our approach helps new users to make a healthy transition and reminds experienced users when to change position.”

TableAir app can also be used to adjust the height and LED color of a dedicated (TableAir) workstation and is now available to download for free from the Apple App Store. (An Android version will follow shortly).

Please visit for more information or download the app from:


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