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Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial Fuelling Specialist, has recently undertaken a major project to upgrade the fuelling systems at Cophall Parking, based near Gatwick Airport.

Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial Fuelling Specialist, has recently undertaken a major project to upgrade the fuelling systems at Cophall Parking, based near Gatwick Airport.


Cameron Forecourt are the UK’s foremost experts in the design, installation and commissioning of commercial fuelling systems and work with customers across the country operating in a range of industry sectors.


Cophall Parking has offered parking facilities to customers using Gatwick Airport for over 30 years and is located just ten minutes from the airport.  The company operates a fleet of modern minibuses, which complete round trips to the airport on a constant basis.  Cophall’s fully secure car park is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year.


As such, fuelling plays a vital role in Cophall’s operations, being paramount in keeping the business operational and affecting overall profitability as fuel spend is a significant overhead for the business.


The company turned to Cameron Forecourt for its significant expertise in fuelling management.  The new system installed and commissioned by Cameron Forecourt includes a new 10,000 litre Bunded Fuel Storage Tank with an integral Cabinet with Secure Roller Shutter Door access, together with a 70lpm Alpha Pump and a Cameron Forecourt NOVA Web Based Fuel Management System.


The NOVA system gives a whole range of benefits to users, not least of which is live fuelling information, as and when required with all the power and advantages of a web based fuel management system.  The system allows the fuelling data to be displayed immediately, along with current fuel stock and reconciliation data.  The Cameron Forecourt NOVA system also issues immediate low stock warnings and notification of disabled pumps, should such a situation arise.


Furthermore, the system allows for centralised data management and reporting, with the user only requiring access to a web browser to benefit from this, so there are no costs or problems associated with bespoke management software or requirements for new computer hardware.


Traditionally, Cophall were travelling off site to re-fuel at a public forecourt, which was false economy, giving the company very little control or visibility of fleet fuel usage and resulting in vehicle and driver downtime whilst vehicles had to divert from normal duties to refuel.  The money saved in moving to the Cameron Forecourt system has proved to be significant and the savings will continue as long as they have their own fuel installation on site.


The complete installation meets the requirements of the Oil Storage Regulations.  Cophall’s management team have already noticed operational improvements, with more secure and efficient control of fuel stock levels and vehicle performance, as a result of the new clean and reliable fuel installation.


“All the Cameron Forecourt staff involved, from those responsible for the initial input and quotation, to those undertaking administration, supply, installation and commissioning, carried out their responsibilities in a very efficient and professional manner” stated Mr Andy Joyce, Operations  Manager on behalf of Cophall Parking Gatwick. “We couldn’t have imagined how big an impact this has had on our fuel management activities and the system has proved a godsend in allowing much more efficient management of our usage, with the associated cost benefits for our business” he added.


The system was yet another example of Cameron Forecourt providing a fuelling system that makes a significant difference in being able to reap the benefits of accurately managed and monitored fuel consumption.

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