Staff can participate in surveys as they clock in or out using the company's Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance terminals. (photo: Bodet Ltd.)
Staff can participate in surveys as they clock in or out using the company's Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance terminals.
15.01.2016, 12:23

New Employee-Friendly Clocking In System from Bodet

Author: Bodet Group

Europe’s leading Time Management specialists have just introduced a new interactive time and attendance system that not only saves time for HR and payroll staff but also dramatically increases staff engagement.

Whether using time sheets, cards, fobs or even biometric recording, all staff attendance systems were historically very basic and purely designed from the HR reportive angle. Employees simply clock in and out, and the data is used by payroll for calculating wages and by management for historical attendance reporting.


Hemel Hempstead based Bodet Ltd. realised current time and attendance management systems were one-way and totally overlooked the opportunity to interact positively with staff. They looked into developing a new approach to staff reporting and after five years of R & D and around £5M investment, the company developed the new Kelio system, a totally new approach to staff time and attendance management.


The new Kelio system is fronted by an award winning interactive communication terminal, the Kelio Visio X7, which is available with a card reader, a biometric fingerprint sensor or both. When staff clock in or out, the terminal identifies them and time stamps the record which is then stored on the master database in real time. The biometric option also overcomes any risk of ‘buddy punching’. The touch-sensitive screen presents a contemporary style intuitive display panel which allows staff to interact with and interrogate the company’s back office. This screen appears when clocking in or out but can also be accessed at any other time during the shift. All the user information can be accessed quickly by the terminal using a browser which avoids the need for plug-ins.


It’s the software behind the state-of-the-art terminal which makes the new Kelio system so different from the competition. Firstly it provides real time attendance data, and management can see at a glance any staff absences or lateness directly from their PC screen. It also creates customised staff attendance reports for HR, management and payroll.


But the real advance is that the Kelio system enables two-way dialogue between the employee and management. Employees can use the Kelio system to access a range of information from personal messages, reviewing their attendance record and remaining holiday allocation. They can also use the terminal to request time off or book future holidays.


The terminal includes its own screen design tool, so it not only displays the company logo and style, but can have the layout tailored to meet the needs of both HR departments and the employees.


Bodet’s managing director, Richard Manby said, “The Kelio system is a completely new approach to time management and we can see an exciting future for this product. It not only provides very refined and accurate management data, but offers a completely new communication interface between management and employees. The flexibility of the whole system, both in setting up and for daily use by staff coupled with a modular approach offering versatile functionality based on exact client requirements means it can be used by a wide range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, care homes, and customer service centres.”

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