Photograph courtesy of Nick Cowie. (photo: Nick Cowie)
Photograph courtesy of Nick Cowie.
06.09.2014, 22:53

CP Plus Introduces Next Generation of Mobile FM Solutions

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New mobile facilities monitoring management application system delivers real time asset management monitoring and reporting for property and site owners across the UK.

CP Plus, The UK’s leading parking and facilities management solutions provider, has launched its new and innovative web based mobile facilities management application known as the Facilities Reporting and Monitoring System (FRAMS). Currently running exclusively on the Samsung S3 Operating system and handset, FRAMS is now available to all of CP Plus’s clients.

FRAMS increases operational efficiency by supporting the management of site cleaning tasks and security patrols as well as automating asset management and the reporting of defects and security incidents on site in real time. In addition, FMRS is highly adaptable and configuration is individually tailored to the exact needs of the client, allowing for unlimited variations in tasks, timeframes and multiple locations.

The system is simple to implement, use and navigate. Fully trained CP Plus Site Operatives will be able to log on to the system via their hand held smartphones and view the daily, weekly or monthly schedule of tasks and patrols for the site they are working on via their unique login and password.

“The app was originally designed to meet the needs of a specific client who wanted to increase the speed of reporting and response to issues, as well as reducing the paperwork”, said Ian Langdon, Operations Director of CP Plus. “However, after a successful implementation, we realised very quickly that this was the future of facilities management and the FMRS app is now available to all of CP Plus’s facilities management clients across the UK.”

The functional requirements are both simple to navigate and use. These can be divided into four basic categories:

·         capture user details, logons and restrict access to information and reports in the system accordingly;

·         capture, view and amend asset details, cleaning and security schedules by site, and log defects or incidents in real time;

·         generate reports on tasks and patrols which have, or have not occurred, and view defects and incident reports at each site as they are reported;

Not only does FMRS increase efficiency and effectiveness of the services that CP Plus provides its clients, but it can be used to manage multiple sites and activities simultaneously, as well as allowing for increased flexibility as tasks and patrols often happen more than once a day. Through the app and management dashboard, CP Plus supervisors are able to view and amend any schedule on the system at any time, informing the specific team member directly.

Langdon continued, “At CP Plus we are continuously looking to improve the service we provide for our clients as well as adding a layer of innovation to the way we work. The great thing about the FMRS app is that it can be used to manage all aspects of the service that we provide, from increasing security patrols, through to getting rid of unwanted graffiti. It also uses the latest technology, adding a layer of transparency to the way we work, and allowing us to update our clients at all times, demonstrating the great job that we do for them.”

For more information about the FMRS app please email Darren Brooks at [email protected].

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