Stat- X fire suppression unit in use (photo: Environmental Resource Group (ERG))
Stat- X fire suppression unit in use
07.08.2014, 21:57

Fire suppression units protect business from potential for fire disruption

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Nobel Fire Systems helps Environmental Resource Group (ERG) protect staff and buildings "proactively" with Stat-X fire suppression system.

It is reported that the UK’s fire and rescue service attended 487,000 fires and false alarms it was stated in the latest annual figures confirmed by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Although these figures are declining thankfully, it is startling to note that a major fire takes place at a waste or recycling company every day on average in the UK. 

The effects of a fire can be felt long after the flames have died down; disruption in the form of down time, cost of damage to buildings and stock not only from the blaze but also from the dousing water used to quell the flames, not to mention the potential personal injury and harm to the environment. It’s unsurprisingly therefore that many traditional composite insurers are withdrawing from the sector with those remaining raising their premiums and policies becoming increasingly more onerous with stricter terms and conditions. 

With this mind, Aron James, the Chief Executive Officer for Environmental Resource Group (ERG) looked to be more proactive. James stated ‘We are acutely aware of the danger of fire particularly in our sector of the collection and disposal of hazardous waste removal. We wanted to do all we could to mitigate the risk and so worked with fire suppression specialists Nobel Fire Systems to introduce measures that could protect our staff and buildings.’

James went on to say, ‘We have installed a number of ‘Stat-X’ fire suppression units throughout our permitted facilities. The product is unique and used globally with its design based on aeronautical technology. That sounds impressive and when we saw the demonstration of how it provides immediate fire suppression, we had no hesitation in introducing strategically placed units into our higher risk areas. It’s ideal for ERG and requires little installation so no pipework or nozzles. The small handheld unit with pull activator can be thrown into areas with active fire and provide immediate fire suppression, buying time for firefighters to arrive. As a business owner this gives me peace of mind to know that we are doing all we can to protect our people, plant and property.’ 

Stat- X features are abundant and include zero ozone and oxygen depletion, safe for fire fighters or occupants trapped by fire, rapid suppression capabilities to offer a cost effective, easy to install solution for commercial and industrial clients.

The well documented fire in October 2012 at a wood recycling site in Derbyshire impacted the environment within a 6km range, costing the Environment Agency £200,000 in the clean-up operation and led to an eight month custodial sentence for one of its Director’s. Fires cost all round.

More information on the Stat-X range of fire suppression products is available via ERG’s Client Support Team on 0844 692 0000 who will be delighted to advise on this and other environmental products. 

ERG your visionary business partner.

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