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18.07.2014, 11:37

Windowclean Centre Takes Delivery of first Unger HydroPower XXL Trailer in the UK

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The Windowclean Centre is delighted to have taken delivery of the first Unger HydroPower XXL Trailer System into the UK.

The Windowclean Centre is delighted to have taken delivery of the first Unger HydroPower XXL Trailer System into the UK. 

The XXL Trailer System is a fully Integrated Trailer System with RO Filter + 750 litre water tank offering total flexibility for producing and transporting 100% pure water for water fed pole cleaning!

Fitted out with hi spec components, offering BIG capacity and performance, it’s the ONLY real alternative to commercial van-mounted systems. 

Key features:

  • Pure Water tank capacity: 750 litres.
  • 1 or 2 man operation via 2x hose reels and 2x 12v/150 psi pumps.
  • Each high quality hose reel is fitted with 100m hose for optimal reach.
  • Pure water output – up to 250l per hour per person.
  • Digital controller monitors water flow, pressure and battery power.
  • Control water flow manually or by wireless remote control.
  • 3 stage water purification production with dedicated 12v/150 psi pump. (Sediment/Carbon pre-filter, RO Membrane and nLite HydroPower DI Filter Polisher).
  • Integrated TDS meters monitor RO and final polish results.
  • High capacity 12 volt gel battery offers ‘all day’ operation before requiring re-charge.
  • Maintenance free 210 amp hour gel battery with mains charger supplied.


Suitable for vehicles with a towing capacity of 1,350 Kg, the system features a high capacity baffled tank integrated into a lightweight chassis for easy towing and meets UK Department of Transport road specifications (single axle, integrated lights and indicators with brake-assist).  Supplied with European standard coupling, a jockey wheel and manual parking brake, it also conforms to EU regulations.

The multi-chamber tank with a low centre of gravity is designed to maximise stability during transportation. It also includes Auto Shut Off features that are activated during water production mode, when the tank becomes full, and during ordinary use when the TDS of the outgoing water measures 5ppm (a figure that can be adjusted to a lower or higher number).

The flow rates for Wash and Rinse modes can be adjusted anytime using a digital control panel.  This allows the operator(s) to choose more or less powerful flow rates to suit the cleaning job, saving and conserving water when less intense water flow is needed.  You can also switch between Wash and Rinse modes at the touch of a button using the wireless remote control. 

And an integrated storage compartment fits up to 6 water-fed poles of up to 1.91 metres in length, and offers side storage areas for brushes, safety signs and other accessories. 

The Unger HydroPower XXL Trailer System is covered by Unger’s 100 per cent Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and is avalable with a range of financing options.

Visit for more information.

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