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Luminus Devices launches new Xnova Sensus LED™ Series color targeted chip-on-board LED arrays

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Company develops light sources designed to enhance retail experiences.

Billerica, Mass., and Sunnyvale, Calif., June 2, 2014 -- Luminus Devices, Inc., a global manufacturer of high-performance LEDs and solid-state light sources, announced today the launch of the XNOVA Sensus LED™ series chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays featuring warm white light with chromaticity coordinates targeted below the black body locus (BBL). The XNOVA Sensus LED series features illumination products with targeted color points designed to enhance customer perception and experience in specific environments such as retail, grocery and hospitality.


Recent studies have demonstrated that human beings have a preference for warm white color temperatures slightly below the BBL which they perceive as a pure, crisp, whiter light, while the majority of warm white LED products are targeted to generate light precisely on the BBL. In addition to providing the appearance of pure white, XNOVA Sensus LED array customers have reported that the products provide more appealing color renditions of skin tones and greater color saturation. Customers are also attracted to the similarity between the white point of XNOVA Sensus LED light and traditional metal halide bulbs. 

"Our XNOVA Sensus COB LED arrays provide our customers with the highly desirable, below BBL white light that meets emerging market demands, while still providing color control within the American National Standards Institute 3000K color space," said Jim Miller, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Luminus Devices. "Sensus goes beyond the traditional definitions of white light used by most LED manufacturers and targets color points that have greater appeal to human emotion and perception of light quality. Sensus merges the science of LEDs with the artistry of lighting."

The Luminus XNOVA Sensus LED arrays are available in 2-step or 3-step McAdam ellipse color accuracy, which is fully inscribed below the BBL and within the ANSI 3000K color space. In addition, they are tested at 85C, where they deliver an industry leading 120 lumens/Watt typical and 80 CRI minimum. Light emitting diameters are available in seven sizes from 6.3mm to 22mm, thus enabling customers to achieve a typical flux output anywhere from 470 lumens to over 7500 lumens. 

Luminus Devices will be showing the XNOVA Sensus COB LED array at Lightfair International in Las Vegas, June 3-5 in booth 6237 and at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, in Guangzhou, China, Hall 11.2 B26 during June 9-12.

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