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27.02.2014, 14:46

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Workplace Tracking – Footfall Monitoring.

Just released is a new Footfall Monitoring service, part of The Changing Workplace’s suite of Workplace Tracking solutions for the Corporate Real Estate sector. Footfall monitoring can help organisations understand how their workspace is being used at any point in time, identifying opportunities to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of a floor, building or entire portfolio.

The Changing Workplace has already signed an agreement with a large financial organisation in South Africa to supply workplace tracking video, beam and desk sensor technology. Projects in London have seen opportunities for cost savings of up to 50% on the floors analysed, which equates to £3.25M per annum per floor.

“It’s an ideal solution for corporate real estate teams to employ on any floor or workspace and can be a precursor to moving towards an agile environment. Our service verifies how your portfolio’s current design and layout is working. You get a clear, detailed picture of usage and capacity, not just a snapshot”, said Steve Thorley, CEO of The Changing Workplace.

Organisations can identify the potential in their building portfolio and focus on longer term strategy as well as immediate benefits. Video-based counters detect people passing beneath and beam counters emit and detect an infrared beam, identifying people passing through, and capturing occupancy and utilisation data.

“The sensor technology feeds data back to produce comprehensive and highly visual reports and our team can help with analysis and further understanding, leading to actionable data made available in formats that are easy to digest”, added Steve.

Available immediately across the globe, a short term pilot or a longer term installation can be provided with options to hire or purchase sensor equipment and packages available to suit budget and circumstances. CRE leaders can drive the agenda for developing and managing innovative workspaces that encourage thriving, productive employees and maximise business returns.

To receive a free copy of The Changing Workplace’s ‘Workplace Tracking – Footfall Monitoring’ white paper please email [email protected]. The white paper includes a full analysis of how organisations can discover their true space utilisation and occupancy potential and 10 key benefits of footfall monitoring. Alternatively you can visit the company’s website at, navigate to the ‘Downloads’ page and register for full access.

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